The Cubs have allowed double digit runs in 25 percent of their games so far this season (1-5 in those games), are 9-15 overall, currently on a four game skid, and have already had a in-team brawl. Is there a silver lining? Of course!
Carlos Zambrano has a sub 1.5 ERA and Marlon Byrd is batting .600, despite critics about his relations with Victor Conte, the man convicted as PED pusher.

Two players don’t make a team, though, especially when one only plays once every five days. The Cubs need to find a way to improve their pitching, especially with newly acquired Matt Garza seemingly struggling to find his rhythm with the Cubs.
Hitting isn’t exactly something the Cubs can rely on either, being shutout twice and finishing with three runs or less three times, managing a 3-4 record in those games.

So are the Cubs down and out for the count before the season even starts? Absolutely not.
Supporters of the lovable losers will continue to frolic into Wrigley Field during mid-afternoon workday games in hopes of a win for their beloved team. Think about it, the Cubs are about three months ahead of their annual, and disappointing “choke.” Maybe that means they’re ready to pull out a miraculous NL Central victory, and even *gulp* do I say it? A playoff win!

I will never go so far as to say a playoff series win until I see it. I’ve already jinxed them enough!

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