Cubs release newest renderings of Wrigley Field



The renderings for a Wrigley Field renovation just keep coming in. Last night the Cubs released the newest rendering of what a Wrigley Field renovation could include. This time however the renderings showed the new triangle property in which the Cubs plan to reconstruct.

Anyone who has ever been to Wrigley Field on game day has seen how crowded the concourse at Wrigley Field can be. Heck, the whole neighborhood get’s crowded and sometimes uncomfortable.

Currently there are exits on every side of Wrigley Field except for the west side of the park. That will change however as these renderings show a constructed exit for fans to leave the ballpark. You can see the new entrance, without full detail, in the latest rendering.

The renderings show what the area will look like in both the winter and summer seasons.

For the winter season, the rendering shows it’s festive side of Wrigley Field fully decorated with Christmas items. An ice-rink similar to what has been there the last few years will also remain.

The summer rendering shows a possible farmers market as well as video screens and advertising obelisks.

While the plan still has to be approved by City Council, the first renderings do look very intriguing. Although, I expect them to change somewhat over time.

Photos via Chicago Tribune


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