Dempster and Garza Trade Market

As the Chicago Cubs hit the all-star break on a high note, shutting out the New York Mets 7-0 and winning their last 8 of 12 games. The trade rumors will start heating up. Most notably are starting pitchers Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza.

Ryan Dempster started the shutout for the Cubs today… pitching 5 shutout innings in front of tons of scouts. Teams that reportedly were watching Ryan Dempster’s start today were the Los Angeles Dodgers, Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Angels and the St. Louis Cardinals.

I still would put my money on the Los Angeles Dodgers acquiring him. They seem to have the most interest in Dempster and may want to make a splash as earliest as possible. The only problem with the Dodgers is, players in their farm system that have potential are a few years away from the majors. Team Theo reportedly is looking for players who can contribute now or in the next year or so. However, if the Dodgers offer good player(s) who are farther down the road, I can see them making he trade. Also, don’t be surprise if the Dodgers try very hard to find a way to acquire Brian LaHair in the same deal or by himself after failing to acquire Carlos Lee.

The Orioles may be trying to aquire Astros’ Wandy Rodriguez and the Rangers may be trying to acquire Phillies’ Cole Hamels. I doubt the Cubs would trade within their division and I doubt Dempster would accept a trade to the Cardinals. If the Red Sox don’t turn it around soon, they may be sellers and not buyers (they lost their last 10 of 11). Finally, the Angels could be a player for Dempster. If I had to guess, Los Angeles is his next state destination (to me, it still points to the Dodgers).

Now to the other Cubs starting pitcher of whom may be dealt Matt Garza. A few months ago, I would have said Matt Garza is not going anywhere. But now, I say he will be dealt as I bet a team will overpay for his services. He would not come as a rental and a team has a good chance at re-signing him to an extension. Also, he won’t cost as much as a Cole Hamels and maybe even a Zach Greinke. But like I said, since he’s not a rental, more interest could be in him than the other SP on the market.

If I had to guess, the Detroit Tigers is my destination for Garza. They have SP whom are major league ready and if the Tigers offer those pitchers, the Cubs would try their hardest to pound out a deal. The pitcher that would be the centerpieces of the deal is 22-year old Jacob Turner. He’s not an ace on paper, but more of a #2 starter.

The Yankees top ‘spects are falling off and I don’t know if Team Theo will take a chance on those players. The Jays are a team I would watch for, but there chances of making the playoffs are slim and I doubt they will trade good-young players for Garza. The Red Sox are falling off and don’t have the farm to acquire Garza. More teams are expressing interest in Garza, but these are the more notable teams. Also, don’t forget aboput the “mystery team”. They seem to always wn the bidding on every signing or trade.

Will Ryan Dempster be traded during the all-star break or take his next schedule start on Saturday? (I say no as scouts would want to see another start from Dempster since coming off the DL.)

Will Matt Garza be traded or he’ll stay with the Cubs and sign an extension as some point? (I say he’ll be traded by the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline.)

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