Eddie Williams, the former Idaho star, has potential to revolutionize the passing aspect of a fullback's skill set.

In the midst of what was considered crucial signings for the Chicago Bears, Eddie Williams, an Idaho product, inked his life on paper March 10th, 2010.

Williams is a nobody to the majority of NFL fanatics across the nation, but has had an influence on the minority who acknowledges his existence.

“Kids grow up thinking they want to win a Super Bowl but you know, they get like ‘I want to be a Pro Bowler’ or ‘I want to rush for a thousand yards’ or whatever, and I just want to win.” says the former first team All-WAC selection.

In Idaho, Williams only experienced seven wins within his four years. However, winning takes on a different perspective for Idaho’s all-time tight end single season reception leader.

In San Mateo, California, life was extremely rough for the young Williams.

“It was really difficult because the area was bad, but it was more of just not having the father figure around,” stated Williams.

“our neighbors were robbing us, you know, the right side would rob us and then the left side would rob us.” the former Washington Redskin said, smiling.

The difficulties didn’t cease there for the seventh round pick.

“and while all this was happening, all these robberies, and the tough times at school, [my mom] was dying of cancer.”

Eddie Williams’ only role model, his mother, was battling cancer along with the roadblocks that life placed ahead of her.

“I’ll never forget a moment when in September of 2000, we got robbed and it was probably the worst one, everything was trashed and everything was gone, and at this point she’s lost all of her hair and she just comes home and it’s like she’s already dying…it’s almost like a kick in the groin.”

Despite the frequent robberies, Williams and his mother carried on with their lives.

“It got to the point where we were bringing everything that we had of value with us anytime we left anywhere,” said the disgruntled Williams. “because we were for sure going to be robbed.”

The SI.com All-American honorable mention then changed expressions, immediately struck with emotion, and made his final few statements in his interview with ChicagoBears.com.

“The things my mother told me, you know, at the end of her life, she knew I loved football, she knew I wanted to grow up and play in the NFL, to wave to her on camera and do all these things even though she wouldn’t be there to see it and I think that kind of fueled me.

She gave me these words, I didn’t want anything to get in the way of what I wanted to accomplish…and I know I’m not as fast or as athletically gifted as some guys or wasn’t at the big school, but I didn’t think it would stop me.”

Entering the 2010 Bears training camp, Eddie Williams ended his story with one last group of emotionally struck words.

“Sometimes I feel the wind blowing and that’s her…you know, that’s her pushing me. Running sprints, when I feel the wind on my back, it’s no doubt that’s her.”

Eddie Williams has to earn a starting job over Will Ta’ufo’ou. Williams collected statistics of 100 receptions for 1,205 yards and 11 touchdowns and rushed for 195 yards and three touchdowns on 19 carries while at the University of Idaho.

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  1. RamiTheBullsFan

    That’s a moving story. Sometimes life is just tough like that, and the rest of us should just count our blessings that we don’t go through that. It would be nice if he got a chance to start.

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