Today was the last day that the Cubs could of announce Theo Epstein coming to Chicago without approval from Bud Selig. Due to the start of the World Series. Hopefully this is the last Epstein update until the deal is officially finalized and announced. Here’s the latest…

Jon Morosi was told as of this morning that the Cubs/Red Sox talks of compensation were incing closer to a deal.

David Kaplan also states what Morosi said, that talks were moving along. Let’s see, did he steal that than from Morosi?

Another tweet from Jon Morosi stated that talks between the Cubs and Padres were going smoother over the compensation talks between the Cubs and Red Sox. Interesting…

Most people believe that the Cubs will hire current San Diego Padres general manager Jed Hoyer over Josh Byrnes, according to Jon Heyman. That means Byrnes will then become the Padres GM if Hoyer did come over to the Cubs.

Oh Crane Kenney…Chris De Luca explains than Kenney is the reason for the holdup in the compensation talks. Also, Luca states he’s positive a deal will get done. But in bad news, he says a deal may not be done until next next week. Ugh… wrote up that the Cubs could announce a deal on off days during the World Series. In the same report, it states Jed Hoyer and the possibility of him joining the Cubs.

I have heard that a deal could be reached at any time now and with approval from Bud Selig, a deal could be announced on Friday. It’s an off day during the World Series. Let’s just hope and the ‘Epstein saga’ can END!

That’s it for now…

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