TOP TEN Possible Statements NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Will Issue About The Debacle In Seattle

10. Sorry, Dozed Off. What Happened?

9. To Appease Green Bay, We’re Instructing The Refs To Help Pass Block For Aaron Rodgers

8. Contrary To Oliver Stone’s Belief, Golden Tate Acted Alone

7. Rewarding Seattle For Wearing Such Hideous Uniforms Seemed Like The Right Thing To Do

6. Okay, Okay! THREE MILLION FREE Papa John’s Pizzas!

5. We Will Not Bring The Real Referees Back Until They Agree To Our Quality Improvement Demands

4. We’ve Asked Foot Locker To Fire These Refs & Send Us New Ones

3. I’m Not Going To Tap Dance Around This, It Helped Our Ratings. We’re Up Against “Dancing With The Stars!!!”

2. Player Safety Is Our Main Concern, But We’re Not Responsible For Anyone’s Hurt Feelings

1. After Further Review, Oops!

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