Fantasy Five

Okey dokey…so, the Fantasy Five is a new feature here at, it’s 10 minute (or in this case, 13:06) Fantasy Recap/Preview. I’ll give you a wrap of the week that was, some guarantees for the coming week, starts and sits.

***NOTE: This week was 13:06, but mostly because I had to intro it and ‘splain stuff…ideally, it will be 10 minutes or less. Look..this is for you, so please, don’t be shy. If you like something…let a brother know. If not…keep it to yourself. PSYCHE…lemme know, this will get better only if you let it…

Have a great Thanksgiving…

Here it is…enjoy!!!

One thought on “Fantasy Five

  • November 24, 2011 at 1:56 PM

    Okay…so, you can tell I did this beforehand, as it is 24-0 Packers and I picked the Lions to win…OOPS!!!

    I never said I was Brostradamus!!!

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