Kyle Orton, Donovan McNabb….and now the newest rumor that’s been linked to the Bears quarterback position, Brett Favre. Relax Bears fans, it’s not happening. Nor will it ever happen.

The reason being because Caleb Hanie is the guy. Whether you like it or not, Lovie Smith isn’t changing his mind anytime soon. That was addressed by Lovie Smith the day that he named Caleb Hanie the starter to replace injured quarterback Jay Cutler.

So give it a rest. No matter how much you complain on Facebook, Twitter, or at the water cooler. Caleb Hanie isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I will head on over to TopBet SportsBook and put a bunch of money down on Hanie remaining our Quarterback. It seems as if Lovie Smith did the same thing.

What about the two backups on the roster? Well, that poses another question. Do you really want rookie quarterback Nathan Enderle who has never taken an NFL snap to try and get us into the playoffs? I think not.

How about Josh McCown because “He knows the Martz system”. Well if that was the case, then why is he still the #3 quarterback on the depth chart. He’s not the answer either, especially with reports out of Halas Hall that he’s “struggling to regain knowledge of the playbook, and fit in with receivers”. Yikes.

Hanie who took over for Jay Cutler, and in the two games that he’s started, he’s yet to show Bears fans a reason not to panic. Nobody expected him to come in and throw for 400+ yards and 3 touchdowns against Oakland, but we did expect a serviceable effort, right?

He struggled during the first half throwing two costly interceptions, one costing his team at least a field goal to take the lead. The positive note from the game was that Hanie posted a 147 QB rating in the second half of the game. He also had the chance to win it on a final drive, but that ended on a bone headed mistake with under 10 seconds left.

Like a lot of other fans I expected Hanie to show improvement against a Chiefs team that you have to beat. Especially when you played them at home. That didn’t happen. Hanie played another poor game, but the Bears were still just a score away from potentially winning that game.

Now Bears fans everywhere are in panic mode. Some are even crazy enough to want the Bears to bring in retired quarterback Brett Favre.

Yes, the Bear Killer himself.

It just won’t happen though. The realization is that it’s do or die with Hanie. Either he leads us to the playoffs or our season is completely gone. Well, at least until Jay Cutler get’s back.

The Bears had one of the easier schedules left when Hanie took over. Their only games against teams above .500 were the Raiders and Packers. It looked like the Bears should win four of their final six en-route to the playoffs. Now after back to back losses, it looks like the Bears might win just one of their final four games.

The good news for the Bears is that the rest of the NFC is slumping. Atlanta can’t gain ground on Chicago as they keep losing. Detroit has come back to reality and shown the NFC that they are going back to being those same old Lions. The Giants can’t win a close game, or they get blown out. So there’s still some hope for the Bears.

Hanie has provided some bright spots in his game believe it or not. His ability to scramble out of the pocket could help him start playing better. We even seen him lead a few positive drives down the field, but they were neglected by penalties.

So whether you like it or not, Hanie is the guy. It’s on him to get us into the postseason. His game must elevate a few levels for us to succeed.

Don’t expect Donovan McNabb or Brett Favre to walk into Halas Hall anytime soon Bears fans.

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