Freaked out Faithful

I, just like many other Sox fans, am totally freaking out with the Sox start thus far. The Sox, after a solid start, have slowed considerably. After winning or tying in the first 3 series they have looked like a completely different team in the next 2 series winning only 1 of 6 games vs. the A’s and Angels. The cry from the freaked out faithful has been, “April killed us last year” this is 100% true, for 2010. 2011 is a different story

Last year the Twins began April on fire going 15-8 and winning 6 of 7 series. They compiled a 10-6 mark vs. the Central and a 2-1 mark vs. the White Sox. This year has been entirely different for them. They have yet to win a series and are 6-11, vs. the Central are 1-1. Nothing this year is going right for them, they signed a new 2nd baseman and he has his leg broken by Nick Swisher. Joe Nathan comes back from Tommy John to lose the closers role to Matt Capps and Joe Mauer has complications for off-season knee surgery.

Form the Sox perspective; things have not gone well in either April. The Sox were 9-14 in April of 2010 and won 2 games vs. Central opponents including a 1-2 record vs. the Twins. This year the Sox, so far, have compiled a 7-10 record and have a 3-2 record vs. the Central and have been a roller coaster coming out of the gates hitting and pitching like crazy, lately nothing has gone right. Errors and blown leads have become a norm, something to be expected.

The Sox have room to make up the slow start which they lacked in 2010 when the Twins began very hot. They need to get on it in a hurry. The Twins and Tigers doing bad give the Sox breathing room, but not much. So the Sox need to start winning NOW!!! While I agree that it is time to start to worry, its not time for DEFCON 5.

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