Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2011 Part 2

Every year ChiCitySports publishes a list of Funny Fantasy Football team names. The demand for funny, clever, and offensive team names seems to be growing as the season inches closer and closer. Our first set of 2011 fantasy football team names were a hit so here goes our 2nd list…..

Free Hand Schaubs – The only thing better than free hand jobs is having Matt Schaub as your fantasy Quarterback. Or the other way around.

Brady Gaga – After seeing Tom Brady dancing at Carnival, this seems entirely relevant. With a little hair dye and, fishnets, you could convince most people that he was born that way.

There’s an AP for That – Fantasy Owners will be looking to edges others out for Adrian Peterson. If you’re lucky enough to snag him in your draft, this could be the perfect name for you. Douchey Mac Commercials (I type this from a Mac) will never be the same again.

Cromartie Plus 8 – No pun here, Cromartie has a shit load of kids. Even Darkness Travis Henry thinks Cromartie should get a vasectomy to slow production down.

Never go Asomugha to Mouth – A general rule in life is to never go ass-to-mouth. You can illustrate this golden rule by inserting Nnamdi Asomugha’s name.

Breaston Plants – Boobs. Steve Breaston. Hopefully we don’t need to explain this one.

Make it Wayne on Them Hoes – Marvin Harrison shoots people but Reggie makes it Wayne on them hoes!

Joe Buck Yourself  – Anybody who has had to listen through Joe Buck speak about anything knows exactly why this is on the list. Joe should go Buck himself.

Suh Girls, One Cup – A popular fantasy team name going around this season is 2 Mannings, 1 Cup. You can use that one if you want to be one of those lame turds. However step your game up another level and use Suh Girls, One Cup. Or Ndomokong Suh will slam your quarterback’s head off a concrete slab.

u Ahmad Bro? –  I am leaning towards using this one the more and more I look at it. A popular internet meme/phrase “u mad bro?” twisted to include the name of RB Ahmad Bradshaw? Yes please! When you defeat other fantasy owners, you will remind them….u Ahmad Bro?

Honorable Mentions: 

VD and Crabs – To pull this off you may have to commit fantasy suicide by drafting Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree. Both good players but with Alex Smith throwing to them, you may want to avoid this occurrence.

Rae, Carruth, Carruth, Carruth is on fire – Panthers WR Rae Carruth jailed for killing his pregnant wife..not something to be excited about. His name lining up with the popular song “The Roof, the Roof, the Roof is on Fire!”  is though.

Juron My Dick – Dick Juron has been a coach in the NFL for many years. This only seems necessary.

Double Dwayne Bowe, What Does it Mean? – Don’t be “That Guy” by making your fantasy team “Over Dwayne Bowe” step up it and go with the internet level-up by making it about the DOUBLE RAINBOW. Google if you don’t get it. Thank me later.

Ditka in Her Butkus – No explanation needed, especially since this is a Chicago site.

Ed Hochuli’s Tricep Extensions – Ed Hochuli has some huge triceps. Pay homage to them with this team name.

Devin the Mul-Hester – LOL.

Dustin Hellen’s Keller – Dustin Keller…Hellen Keller. Vague sexual reference? Possible. This is why it’s last on the list.

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