Joining me today is one of the most recognizable names in DePaul Blue Demon Basketball history, Will Walker.

PH: Since the DePaul season ended we haven’t heard much from you, what are you up to these days?

WW: I have been training hard everyday getting ready to play overseas but, I am not sure which country yet, my agent is working on that now though.

PH: Last year at DePaul you averaged 16.2 ppg and you were the spark of the team, when did you realize this was your team? How did you embrace that at first?

WW: I realized the team was mine when my junior year was closing. I embraced this by being more vocal on and off the court and trying my best to help a young team mature as fast as possible.

PH: What was your favorite game that you played at DePaul?

WW: My favorite game would have to be when we beat Cincinnati at the big east tourney my junior year. Mainly because nobody thought we were going to win and we went out and fought hard the whole game to get the W.

PH: During your freshmen year your team beat #5 Kansas at home, can you describe that game and how you felt?

WW: That was probably the craziest game I had ever played in. It was so packed that you could feel the arena shaking, when the crowd would go crazy. It’s still a game that people talk about around campus to this day.

PH: During your sophomore season, your team beat 19th ranked Villanova at home, what was that feeling like.

WW: This win was another great one but it wasn’t like the Kansas one. To be able to beat a ranked team that is also in your conference is always a great feeling.

PH: DePaul went 20-14 when you were a freshmen but every year after, the record got worse, what do you think was the main problem?

WW: I think it was how much experience we lost in a quick amount of time. We went from being one of the oldest teams in the conference to the youngest in a matter of two years and experience is something that you just cant teach. It is very critical in the type of conference as the Big East.

PH: In your last career home game you lost a 3OT thriller to St. Johns, what kind of emotions were running through your head that game?

WW: I kept thinking how it was my last game at Allstate as a Blue Demon and, I couldn’t believe how fast it really went by.

PH: Are you trying to extend your playing career by trying out for an NBA team or a team in Europe? Or have you moved on from basketball?

WW: I am planning to play professionally overseas for this upcoming season. Hopefully I can get enough attention to come back and play in the NBA summer league next summer to try and pursue my dream of playing in the NBA.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!

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  1. I was at that DePaul-Kansas game. What a classic to see all those Jayhawks leaving with their sad expressions. Good luck Will.

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