Gumpy Jox: The Pridefighter

What is a Gumpy Jox? Well message boards in general carry a wide range of characters. Sports forums are no exception, bringing out wild debates, endless head scratching and the true colors of so many fans.

Do you know any of the Gumpy Jox’s?

(The Jox will be updated with new characters regularly)


The Pridefighter

The Pridefighter was born into their respective teams and they will die by them. Similar to a die-hard fan, the Pride Fighter only shows up when words have been written that put down their favorite team. Pridefighters share tenancies with the Homer, only the Pridefighter believes they are superior to the others who follow the same teams. The Pridefighter will make claims to being the number one fan and they wear face paint in team colors when they go out to a bar for a pre-season game. The Pridefighter is quick to make enemies with reasonable sports fans and often can not meet a significant woman because their love for sports is overwhelming. The Pridefighter relies on escort services for companionship, and often find themselves fighting with moderators for their right to ‘support their team.’


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