Happy Birthday to ChiCitySports.Com

It’s a proud day as I write this post. ChiCitySports is officially 1 year old. There was a time when this site was just a thought in the mind of myself & Zack and I am happy that it finally came to fruition. I often wondered why there wasn’t a one stop spot for Chicago sports, so…..we made one.

Chicago is a very well represented sports city on the internet. However it’s represented in the forms of great, well-ran “team-sites” that segregate themselves from other communities. I can name many great Bears sites, Cubs Sites, etc. However, ChiCitySports is one of the only successfully ran all Chicago sports site/message board on the net.

I would attribute the success of the site to the great community that we’ve formed. There are many facets of ChiCitySports on the internet. We have our dedicated home page, our message boards, Facebook page, Youtube page, and all of these pages has it’s own small community of followers. As a whole, the entire community is very well-rounded and brings a lot to the table.

I want to personally thank everybody who has ever visited ChiCitySports. Whether you’re a reader of the home page, lurker on the forums, or have 5,000 posts on the boards. You’ve been key to the success of this site. I look forward to seeing where this site will be in 2-3 years from now. How large it will be, the notoriety it will have attained, and the credentials we’ll have gained from Chicago area teams. I would love to give a shout out to all of the great posters, writers, and staff members on the site however there honestly isn’t enough room in this article to give a shout out to everybody whose been instrumental in the success of the site.

Im glad it’s our 1 year anniversery and look forward to next year! I’ll leave you with a couple statistics about the website.

ChiCitySports has written 1,170 articles. These articles have been read a total amount of 259,627 times.

Our message board has accumulated 2,570 members that have posted 237,572 in 11,797 threads.

If you currently aren’t a member of our message board, I strongly encourage you to quit lurking/reading and join in on the fun. We have a great time discussing our beloved Chicago sports teams. There is a great level of camaraderie, as well as rivalry on the board between the posters. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

One thought on “Happy Birthday to ChiCitySports.Com

  • April 16, 2011 at 11:28 PM

    holy grail for chicago sports fan, glad to be here

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