One of the biggest question’s going into training camp for the Chicago Bears, was who would be the starting wide receivers.

Will Cutler and Knox make a deadly combination this season?

Right now it’s apparent that Johhny Knox and Devin Hester are Cutler’s favorites.

Ever since drills begun, Cutler has looked towards Knox and Hester more than any other receivers on the team.

In fact, on Sunday Cutler fired Hester’s way eight times in seven on seven drills. Hester made five receptions.

Even more proof on Monday, where in the same drills Knox was the target on nine of the 27 pass attempts from Cutler.

If the Bears want to be successful in 2010 the receivers, whoever they may be, need to produce.

If Knox and Hester are the starting wide receivers in week one against Detroit, speed will definitely be a factor.

Both guys are two of the fastest players on the team, giving Cutler instant deep threats.

But who steps up and becomes a slot receiver or possession receiver.

All indications point to Earl Bennett, although Devin Aromashodu is in the mix. That leaves veteran Rashied Davis and second year player Juaquin Iglesias.

Iglesias didn’t see the field last season, so he has a lot of work to do. Compared to Davis who saw time, but is expected to be a special teams player more often than not.

Cutler frustrated with defensive pressure in drills

During Tuesday’s practice, Lovie Smith brought pressure–a whole lot of pressure.

In fact it was enough to frustrate Cutler, who fired a pass into the hospitality tent in frustration.

Julius Peppers who commented that the Bears defensive line has been practicing great,  doesn’t know if Cutler is really frustrated. “I don’t know if we frustrated [Cutler] because he’s not really getting hit so he can’t feel it.”

Soon enough, Cutler will see pressure and get hit. Especially if one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL last season doesn’t step up.

Wright and Harris go down with injuries

As if one safety injury wasn’t enough, on Monday rookie safety Major Wright tweaked his groin and left practice.

Although Lovie Smith says it isn’t serious, Wright didn’t practice Tuesday and won’t on Wednesday.

With this type of injury, players are usually shut down for a few days just as a precautionary.

Bears players not worried about Favre

News broke early Tuesday before Bears practice that a report came out on Brett Favre retiring.

While ESPN and everyone else took it to the bank, Bears coaches and players were not too worried about it.

Coach Lovie Smith is focused on the Lions. “”No thoughts, really. They’re not [the] first team on our schedule. Brett Favre is good for our game.” A sign that Lovie is all business this season.

Julius Peppers also seemed to care less, “I really don’t care. I could care less one way or the other [if Favre retires].”

If the report in fact is true, the Bears just had another positive thing go for them this off-season.

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