(This is the second interview in a two part series that I conducted with former Bulls broadcaster Tom Dore and Bulls beat reporter David Schuster for Chicago Sports Radio 670 The Score. I asked both gentlemen the same questions regarding the Bulls and both of them were kind enough to give their own perspectives about the Bulls’ season and playoff run.)


This is the second time that I’ve been able to speak to Bulls beat reporter David Schuster regarding the Chicago Bulls. I interviewed David this past April (http://www.chicitysports.com/2011/04/17/interview-with-bulls-beat-reporter-david-schuster/) as the NBA Playoffs were underway and today I was able to get his final thoughts about the 2010-2011 Bulls. David is a long time member of Chicago Sports Radio 670 The Score and has been covering Chicago sports for over 30 years. If you’re a Score listener or a reader of David’s blog, then you know his knowledge of basketball is the best in the business…



Rick Mollway: Thanks David for letting me speak to you again. Were you surprised that the Bulls won 62 games? I don’t think anyone had them penciled in to win that many games.


David Schuster: 62 wins caught everybody off guard. I knew they would be good but certainly not that good but they came together as a team and obviously Rose was a monster during the regular season.

RM: We’ve seen Derrick Rose get better and better each year and now he’s the youngest player to win the MVP. How much more does he need to improve to get the Bulls to the next level?


DS: He has to keep working on his shot. That has and likely always will be his weak point. He also has to work on his ball handling. Sometimes he is prone to numerous turnovers. And, of course, he can always get better. Eventually Derrick will become less of a scorer and more of a facilitator but first the Bulls have to get more offensive weapons.

RM: After the Bulls’ victory in the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals against Miami, things fell apart for the Bulls. What were your thoughts on that series and the entire Bulls playoff run?


DS: Plain and simple the Bulls were not as good in the post season as they were in the regular season. Their weaknesses got exposed the biggest one being a lack of scoring options. In the playoffs you can take away certain people no matter how good they are and if there isn’t anybody else to pick up the slack….that team will get beat.

RM: During last year’s free agency, we saw a new trend starting in the NBA with superstar players teaming up to create a “super-team”. Michael Jordan said that he would have never teamed up with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson because he was trying to beat those guys. What are your feelings on the matter and do you think that these “super-teams” make the league less competitive?


DS: Just finished watching Dallas beat Miami so that was refreshing but Miami will still likely win the series. The owners will figure out a way to change the rules so it will be harder and harder for teams to do what Miami did. I don’t like what they did but it was in the rules so nothing you can do about the past but my guess is that the future will change it.

Dwight Howard the Bull?

RM: What type of offseason moves do you see the Bulls making this summer? Dwight Howard’s name has been thrown around. Personally, I’d like to see if the Bulls could make a trade for Monta Ellis if Golden State made him available for the right price.


DS: Really hard to say exactly what the Bulls will do. Not even they know for sure at this moment because the rules are about to change soon. The owners want radical change and will be a lot more militant then the NFL owners. Obviously the Bulls need more outside shooting and overall scoring and I doubt Howard will ever be a Bull.


Thanks again to David Schuster.


Check out David’s blog and bio: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/personality/david-schuster/

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