Jay Cutler can shed criticism with a win over Green Bay

Since Jay Cutler joined the Bears in 2009, he’s been the most criticized quarterback in the NFL.

We’ve heard it from media outlets, journalists and even that guy that does whatever he does for ESPN. Yes, I’m talking about you Rick Reilly.

It’s been so bad at times that even current and former NFL players chimed in with their thoughts on twitter after Cutler exited the 2011 NFC Championship game against the Packers with a knee injury.

Sure Cutler has had moments where we all ask ourselves what the hell is he thinking?. Is he a douche bag? Maybe. An asshole? Possibly. But honestly, who cares? As long as you can win games and play to the level that you are expected to play at, it really shouldn’t matter.

That’s the problem with Cutler however. Sometimes he doesn’t play at the level we all expect him to play at. You know, that strong armed quarterback who can lead his team down the field and put up points in bunches, aka the 2008 Pro Bowl Jay Cutler. That’s the Jay Cutler the Bears expected to get when they traded a slew of draft picks and Kyle Orton to land their franchise quarterback.

While Cutler deserves some of the blame for his poor play over the years, he also deserves praise for what he’s given the city of Chicago.

A real NFL quarterback. Something this city hasn’t seen since that punky quarterback was taking snaps for the Bears only Super Bowl team in 1985. Cutler hasn’t always had the best talent around him here in Chicago. Heck, it’s been nearly five years and the front office still hasn’t figured out the offensive line is a major problem. The same offensive line that at times has fans wondering if Cutler will survive the next sack he takes.

Cutler finally has what he’s always wanted in Chicago. A true number one receiver. They go out and get Cutlers teammate from Denver, Brandon Marshall, and instantly he becomes the best wide receiver in franchise history.

So while the media continues to bash Cutler for his play or off the field antics, Cutler now has a chance to prove all of his doubters wrong.

How can he? It’s simple. Beat Green Bay and lead the Bears to the playoffs. That’s all we ask Jay.

And Sunday is the perfect chance for Cutler to win back some of haters and gain the trust from Bears fans. Especially since Cutler will be playing with a sprained MCL injury.

With a win on Sunday, Cutler can shed off some of the harsh criticism he’s received. He can make people forget  (for a short time) about those awful games he’s had against the Packers over the past few years. A win on Sunday not only brings the Bears to a tie for the NFC North lead with the Packers  but it also gives the Bears the chance to control their own destiny.  It will also lift the spirits of a fan base who is so down in the dumps, you would think they are headed for a 2-14 season.

The Bears started off 7-1 and had all the makings of a deep playoff run. Their defense was dominating teams, their offense was productive as they finally had a number one receiver. Then things took a turn for the worst. Suddenly the Bears looked like they couldn’t buy a win.

Granted they lost two tough games to better teams in the Texans and 49ers. But they also allowed a rookie quarterback to put together back-to-back 80+ yard drives for touchdowns to sink them. They also looked unprepared in a huge game against the Vikings.

This is arguably the biggest regular season game Cutler has played in. Sure he’s played in two huge playoff games, but this game means everything for the 2012 Chicago Bears season. And while it’s not a do or die game, it certainly feels like the season is lost with a loss to their hated rivals from Wisconsin.

So Cutler the pressure is on you . You have the chance to shed off some criticism, or continue to have criticism pile on.

After all, Cutty Does It right?

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