Jed Hoyer is the New Cubs GM and Theo Notes

Current San Diego Padres general manager Jed Hoyer will be named the Cubs new GM. Josh Byrnes, who was thought to come over to the Cubs, will be the new GM in place of Hoyer. Thanks to Gordon Edes for the report. But in another tweet, Edes said that Theo to the Cubs is not done. Review of medicals still remain. Also, assistant GM Jason McLeod of the Padres will come over with Hoyer. The Padres were not asking for compensation for either Hoyer or McLeod, but Ricketts did not want to disrespect Jeff Moorad. It’s likely to be a low minor league player, nothing big. Moorad was trying to find a way to promote Josh Byrnes to GM and this helped him out. So, he allowed the move with no return.

San Diego media reports the Cubs have not asked for permission to speak to Hoyer and/or McLeod. I don’t know if I believe this because this is the only report mentioning this. They are probably late to the party as it’s getting around now and all media agrees.

More Theo Epstein news…

Scott Miller of CBS sports reports along with Theo Epstein inking a 5 year deal, Jed Hoyer will also ink a 5 year deal with a raise from his current salary. That was the incentive for him to move  from San Diego to Chicago.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Red Sox have lower their demands and backed off asking for pitcher Trey McNutt. Trey McNutt will not be included in the compensation package.

Bruce Levine reports top prospects OF Brett Jackson, P Trey McNutt and OF Matt Szczur are off the table and will not go to the Red Sox. But does mention IF Josh Vitters, P Chris Carpetner and P Jay Jackson could possibly be included. I have heard Jay Jackson will be involved in the ‘trade’.

At one point the Red Sox asked the Cubs to take pitcher John Lackey for the last year of Epstein’s contract. The Cubs probably declined, according to

A report from Sirus/XM radio indicates if the deal keeps dragging on, Bug Selig will get involved to finish this up. That will be interesting.

As we already have known for a little bit now, Epstein will be allowed to bring over personnel, one name that’s gaining steam is Dave Finley. He’s a special assistant for Epstein. We don’t know exactly how many people Epstein can bring over right now, but right now he’s allowed one. More could still be allowed. That’s still to be determine.  Also, according to the report by  

Nice Cafardo reports the Cubs and Red Sox are working hard to get a deal done this afternoon (Friday) and sounds like progress has been made.

Yesterday Michael Silverman reported a deal for Friday is “doubtful”.

David Kaplan mentions a deal is still on track and should be completed soon. Also, Kaplan was asked about his thoughts on the report sayin’ it’s Crane Kenney’s fault for the delay and he said “I don’t think that’s accurate.”

Well that’s it for now. It was reported that Friday could be the day for the announcement with it being an off day of the World Series. The Cubs did get approval for an announcement by Bud Selig, but it doesn’t look likely. There’s still time to the day. So, we’ll see.

Stay tuned…

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