The second half of the major league baseball season has started and with the Sox sitting just 4.5 games back, fans are still left with hopes for the postseason. The question still remains, are the Sox contenders or pretenders?

After winning 3 of their first 4 against the division following the All-Star break, Sox fans have a glimmer of hope that the team may finally be coming around. Taking 2 of 3 from the Tigers in a series that easily could’ve been and should’ve been a sweep and winning game 1 of their current series in KC has some looking up. Is this team finally ready to play to the level we expected them to with consistency or is this just another mini streak to get our hopes up before being dashed again?

The 2011 season so far could be labeled a giant disappointment with many. Underachieving starters Alex Rios and Adam Dunn and a lineup that simply can’t produce in the clutch have been an ongoing theme this year.

There have been some glimpses of hope though, before ultimately fading away in the distance again. Is this team just teasing us once more, or have they awakened in time to take this division down to the wire with a chance to win it? Time will tell, but I’ll hold hope for the latter.

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