Keith’s Exchange with Reporter Draws Criticism, Controversy

The rivalry between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Vancouver Canucks is always sure to stir some non-game emotion from one side or the other. This time it was Duncan Keith answering a reporter’s question, well, questionably.

Karen Thomson of Vancouver’s Team 1040 radio spoke with Keith after Chicago’s 3 – 1 loss in Vancouver. Amidst other questions directed at the 29-year-old defenseman, Thomson seemed to be getting at something specific:


Thomson: “Can you talk about what happened after the Daniel Sedin goal?”

Keith: “Which one was that one?”

Thomson: “The third goal.”

Keith: “The third one? Well, we scored one goal after that, I think, and the game ended 3 – 1.”

Thomson: “Right after the goal when you were on the ice with Daniel. Right after he scored. You remember?”

Keith: “I went off the ice and took a minus. I don’t know. What are you talking about?”

Thomson: “Nothing. Just checking.”

Keith: “What did you see?”

Thomson: “Well it looked like maybe there was a penalty that went undetected. You seemed a bit frustrated.”

Keith: “Oh, no. I don’t think there was anything. I think he scored a nice goal. The ref was right there. That’s what the ref saw. We should get you as a ref maybe, eh?”

Thomson: “Yeah maybe.”

Keith: “The first female…”

Thomson: “I can’t skate, though.”

Keith: “The first female referee. You can’t play probably, either, right? But you’re thinking the game like you  know it? Okay, see ya.”


Some have called the comments sexist while other have asserted that the reporter was “rubbing it in” that Chicago lost in Vancouver.

Thomson tweeted soon after the mildly hostile exchange:

Karen Thomson


Regardless of the intent or statements made, this rivalry continues to heat up. Chicago and Vancouver are not finished yet.

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