Love to hate the Heat

Insecurities are a (insert expletive here). Most of us deal with them on a daily basis. We are insecure about our appearance, our careers, our finances and our relationships. In my opinion, that’s all normal and something we as humans naturally deal with. And having insecurities about your favorite sports team is normal too because, let’s face it, not every team is always winning championships. Teams have bouts of greatness that eventually fade away. The Chicago Bulls won six championships in the 90s, but by 2002 didn’t even make it to the playoffs. It’s what makes the sports world so exciting for different fans in different cities. But what makes me sick to my stomach is when fans use the insecurities about their own teams’ shortcomings as reasons to hate another team.

The insecurity that I am referring to is the hatred toward the Miami Heat. Unfortunately, a lot of the hatred I see comes from the Chicago Bulls’ fan base. Now don’t get me wrong. The Bulls’ fan base, which is actually like more of a family, is one that I love and that I belong to. But what I’ve seen  throughout last years NBA Finals series is that Bulls fans (some, not all) were more concerned about the Heat losing than what the Bulls should be doing to be in their position next season.

These particular fans are so insecure about the Bulls’ inability to succeed in the playoffs that they have to bask in the glory of the Heat’s failure in order to feel better about their team. These may just be the same type of “fans” that cheer on injuries and blame officials for their respected teams’ losses. Gloating in the downward spiral of others is poor sportsmanship and, if you ask me, just plain sickening. As a united fan base we should concentrate more on what the Bulls have accomplished and where they are headed.

I’m not trying to offend any of my beloved Bulls family. I just want to put another way of thinking out there. And I know that I can’t force anyone to think as I do (which is probably a good thing) but I can, however, write with confidence that insecurities will get you nowhere in life. And they sure as hell won’t get you anywhere in basketball either. The Heat losing will do nothing for the Chicago Bulls’ players or fans. So instead of focusing on the Heat’s demise, we should be focusing on the Bulls’ future. Because the only way to rid ourselves of these insecurities is for the Bulls to win a championship, plain and simple.

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