Moving On: Saying Good Bye to the 2011 Chicago Bears

Moving on is often hard to do, but in some cases it’s the best and most logical choice for the given situation. Which in the Bears’ case that is most certainly what is needed to be done. The season started out with aspirations of a Super Bowl berth, more over a possible Championship being brought back to the Windy City.

Though four weeks ago almost to the day the city of Chicago and surrounding area heard the shot heard ‘round Chicagoland. When the news surrounding Jay Cutler brought the organizations worst fears to life. Jay Cutler’s season was all but over. With the ball left in fourth year back-up Caleb Hanie’s hands, most fans believed he would perform well enough to at least break even through the remaining six games. Well that is not the case, 3 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, a 41.8 QB rating and an 0-4 record later. The Packers are now waiting in the wings, after having come across Chiefs, who handed the Pack their first loss in 19 games. Which does not bode well considering Matt Forte’ is also gone for the season.

This season is in drain, for lack of a better term. It’s time to start looking toward the almighty off-season, and what it holds for the Bears. Searching for a replacement Offensive Coordinator that fits not only Jay Cutler’s style of play, but also the talent that is already on the roster. Along with not only signing a few note worthy free agents, but getting a their act together in the player evaluation department and having a…..wait for it…….A draft where they address not only needs, but get the best talent available for making this team better for years to come, not just the next couple of seasons.

A tall task for the incompetent GM and Asst. GM duo that is Jerry Angelo and Tim Ruskell. All we as fans can hope for is they do their due diligence and address the needs with younger free agent talent and draft correctly. But we maybe pleasantly surprised as this maybe Angelo’s last draft, if he even last, rumors have been swirling that he is going to retire, leaving and making way for someone worse than him, in Tim Ruskell. Not exactly enticing.

Especially, with markedly needed absence of talent at all levels of the team. Namely at the Wide Receiver, Offensive Line, Secondary and most importantly, just depth all around the roster in case, lord forbid another severe injury to Jay Cutler or Matt Forte’.

This would be the draft to do it, as experts mark this draft as the deepest in years, namely in the Wide Receiver and Offensive Line departments, which are two of the Bears’ biggest needed areas of upgrade. So maybe we could end up with a nice surprise as fans.

So in short readers of ChiCitySports, I would like to say it was a nice season to start. But in football injuries happen. Hopefully this off-season brings about some hope and surprises the Chicago fanbase.

Thank you to the Chicago Bears that were lead by Jay Cutler and Matt Forte’ to start the season 7-3. It was a good run. Rest up this off-season and come back next year better than ever, and we as fans will have something to look forward to with the inevitable bad baseball that precedes your season. Maybe we can be blessed with a Christmas Miracle of the Bears upsetting the Packers. Though, do not count on it. Once again Thanks for the memories of the healthy Bears.

Get Well Soon,

Chicago and its Fans.

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