When Theo Epstein was hired to revive the North-side, baseball fans all over Chicago began to get very gitty, for what ?  Were fans naive enough to think that in one year Theo would swoop the baseball world by surprise , win 90 plus games, and be hoisting the World Series trophy alongside Bud Selig come October?  It would appear so….


As Memorial Day approaches, the Cubbies are the worse team in baseball.  With new upper management, a first year manager, and even a new slogan, “Baseball is Better Here” The Cubs find themselves taking a step backwards, before the much anticipated leaps forward.  What is Dale Sveum to do? What are Cubs fans to think about the dismal start to the 2012 campaign? I`m about to tell you why until further notice, I would be very reluctant to buy and shirts indicating Theo Epstein as the Cubs Curse Savior.


15-29 is where the Cubs reside in the bottom of the NL Central so far.  The best news of the day is they are idle, delaying anymore depressing, hot dog stuffing losses that have been the norm all season long.  If your Dale Sveum, enjoy the ride in the big leagues, for now.  There is simply nothing he can do at this point.  A roster made up of young-future All-Stars, washed up veterans who are taking up an extraordinary amount of payroll, relief pitchers hanging on to their major league careers, and a starting rotation that couldn’t consistently enough pitch their way to a college world series,  I`ll throw Samardzija out of that mean brush back.


As far as Cubs fans are concerned, “Wait till next years” may be a more appropriate saying around Wrigley-ville.  Theo has a plan, a plan that worked in Boston, but just not instantly.  He drafted the corner stones of their championship teams and signed proven, commited, and winning class free agents.  As of now, the grass has not been greener on the other side, for all parties involved.  But, there is light at the end of the tunnel, it just wont include the same roster we see now….

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