Not everything is a debate; Huet won’t be in Chicago

As article after article continues to pop up over the internet about speculation on off-season happenings, one thing specifically can be determined:  The future of Cristobal Huet.  After finishing the second of a four-year, $22.45 million dollar contract, Huet has been more successful at being a hindrance to the salary cap than to opposing forwards.

2002-03 LA 12 8 541 4 4 1 0 2 21 2.33 241 220 .913 1  
2003-04 LA 41 33 2199 10 16 10 0 7 89 2.43 961 872 .907 3  
2005-06 MON 36 33 2103 18 11 0 4 1 77 2.20 1085 1008 .929 7  
2006-07 MON 42 39 2286 19 16 0 3 1 107 2.81 1280 1173 .916 2  
2007-08 MON 39 38 2278 21 12 0 6 4 97 2.56 1150 1053 .916 2  
2007-08 WAS 13 13 771 11 2 0 0 1 21 1.63 329 308 .936 2  
2008-09 CHI 41 40 2351 20 15 0 4 5 99 2.53 1087 988 .909 3  
2009-10 CHI 48 46 2731 26 14 0 4 1 114 2.50 1083 969 .895 4  
Career   272 250 15261 129 90 11 21 22 625 2.46 7216 6591 .913 24  

The most obvious note within his career stats is the fact that production and numbers have gone down since the Chicago signing.  Obviously coming to the Hawks in free agency, and in a very slim goalie free agency class, proved to be a very costly move.  With the Hawks in the process of building a Stanley Cup contender, they were looking for their next goalie to carry them to this moment.  Unfortunately, one thing stood in the way of that… Cristobal Huet.

It was Cristobal that lost the starting job.  Many look to the stats and would welcome those kinds of numbers this year.  Unfortunately, what many fail to grasp is that they would need the cast in front of Huet that supported him to get the numbers he did.  The Blackhawks took the most shots (2,798) of any team throughout the regular season, while they also allowed the least amount of shots (2,058).  Any goalie would have been able to respectably come in and produce the numbers Huet did.  It is the times when the Hawks offense struggled that the goalie needs to step up and provide that last line of defense.

Out of all 18 losses Huet registered, only 3 of them came when the Hawks scored 4 or more goals. While 15 out of his 26 wins came in games won by 3 or more goals.  Basically pointing out the fact that Huet was consistently incapable of keeping the Hawks in position to win a game.  Obviously winning starts with your goalie, as the Hawks proved in the playoffs.  In that same circumstance in regular season, it was more about the Hawks offense controlling the tempo and providing that cushion.

As the off-season matures one of two things will happen.  With a strong goalie free-agency class, teams will not trade for the likes of Huet.  That leaves Stan Bowman and Rocky Wirtz the option to ship Huet to Rockford and eat that salary the next two years or cut him loose and take the cap hit.  Salary cap wise it would make sense to send Huet to the Ice Hogs and let Corey Crawford or Hannu Toivonen battle for the back-up role in the 2010-11 season.  Cutting the strings to Huet would create a $1.8 million salary cap hit that any Chicago fan could tell you will hurt.

My assumption would be sending Huet to the Ice Hogs.  Regardless of the fact that you would now be paying $5.625 million to a “farm-team” player, the Hawks should have more than enough revenue from this season to cover that expense.  Buying-out the remainder of his contract would mean one less veteran on a team that already looks to be bringing up players from Rockford to fill in voids this coming season.  Either way, Cristobal Huet will not be wearing a Blackhawks jersey next year.  All that has to be decided will be whether I can drive down and see one of the most fiscally disappointing signings of the decade or not.

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