Offense silent as Royals beat White Sox

Yes, the Sox might have a chance to get something going! That’s what I was thinking when the Sox came into the series against the last place Royals.  However, this game was nothing but horrid as the Royals beat the Sox 6-1.

Sometimes I like to add a good, bad and ugly section to my articles but tonight it was nothing UGLY.

Going into the 7th inning, it was looking pretty good.  The Offense was quiet but the Sox did hold a 1-0 lead going into the 7th, which included a no-hitter going into the 5th.  The Royals decided they wanted to ruin the fun in the 7th though as they cranked out 5 runs.

The only run scored by the White Sox was an RBI single by A.J. Pierzynski.

Rios and Konerko combined to go 0-7 in the 3 and 4 spots in the line ups and Alexei and Teahen combined to go 0-8 at the bottom of the order.

Buehrle started the season 0-5 which included a shut out performance against the Indians on Opening Day.  However, since his second start he is 0-5 and his ERA is 5.26.  MB56 had a no hiiter going through the 5th and was excellent up to the 7th, then the Royals exploded.  The score was tied 1-1 when Guillen scored DeJesus to make it a 2-1 game. The Sox failed to make a game of it as the Royals would score 4 more runs in the inning to win 6-1.  Buehrle went 6 innings giving up 5 eraned runs on 8 hits.

A plus for the team tonight was the bullpen.  Pena, Williams, Linebrink and Putz combined for 2 innings giving up only 2 hits and 0 runs.

The Sox will look to tie up the series tomorrow afternoon.

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