When wide receiver Roy Williams signed with the Chicago Bears many fans were excited we signed a WR. Instantly many fans also saw visions of Roy showboating after routine 1st down catches. Being the proactive fan base that we are, user Britch started an initiative to put an end to these 1st down shenanigans before they started. An interesting petition by Bears fans!

First, for those of you unfamiliar with the “first down dance”, here is a video. Roy converts a 3rd and 1 and celebrates while Detroit is down a touchdown in the third quarter. Is it a huge deal? No, not really, but I know that a lot of Chicagoans would rather not see that kind of showboating all the time. Keep it in the end zone!

The overwhelming response from Bears’ fans has been open to the idea of running with this.

We are initiating talks with his representatives as of this very moment. Let’s blow this thing up Bear fans! We can help eliminate the First Down Dance before it comes to fruition in Chicago. We want Roy to celebrate touchdowns, not first downs!


EDIT: We want Roy to celebrate big first downs/plays/touchdowns. Just not  2-4 yard routine catches 😉

22 thoughts on “Official Petition to Stop Roy Williams From Doing the First Down Dance”

  1. Roy, we are all huge fans. We are excited to have you in Chicago. We are excited you’ll be catching touchdowns, first downs, etc. However, we firmly believe that FOX/CBS/NFL broadcasting does a very good job at illustrating when a first down has been attained by the offense. We do not need the visual re-assurance of the outcome of the play we have just watched. Let all of us donate to the charity of your choice.

    With that said, here is my donation. $1.11 in honor of the new Chicago Bears!

    Officially signing the Petition


  2. bearsfaniniowa

    I couldn’t agree with this petition any more. Roy Williams signing should have inspired me to think about our new WR Corps but I couldn’t stop thinking about that stupid ass dance he does. Don’t have paypal to donate but you have my full support on this.

    officially signing petition too.

    bears fan stuck in iowa

  3. Signing the petition as well. You’re not in Detroit anymore Roy. Pick a charity and let’s do this thing up.

    Shawn C.

  4. dallas fan here, as much as i loved the guy at texas and in dallas, i wasn’t a fan of the first down dance, only do it when it counts brother!


  5. Poster from r/NFL over on Reddit, wanted to say hats off to you guys for having a good idea and implementing it. Officially signing onto the cause! Keep up the solid work.

  6. Michael Montalto

    Roy, welcome to Chicago. I am in full and complete support of you acting like a professional and not doing your ridiculous “First down chop”.

    Please do not embarrass yourself, your team, your coaches, your owners, fans and the city that you play for. It’ not fun to see you make a jesture that the league pays referees to perform (for far less money..if you want their job I’m certain they can point you in the right direction).

    Your career has been that of quite the underachiever. You have a lot to proove and unless the first down comes with a significant emotional weight….please….do us all a favor, STOP already!


  7. Dear Roy,

    If you get to the superbowl, I am all in agreement for doing this..after watching it for 7 years, Ill be honest and the teams you were on, it didn’t look good…

  8. People need to get over the dance. And for crying out loud, haven’t you people learned from “Bears Fan United”? Who said they would give to charity but no charity wanted to be associated with them?

    And then the IRS tore the head of that group a new one and he got jail time and owes a ton in back taxes?

    People, learn. Its just a dance. Get over it. I hope that Roy Williams does the dance a million times, because that means we are killing the other team.

  9. In response to Joe….

    1.) Bears Fan United claimed to be a charity. We are not claiming to be a charity. We are simply telling Roy that we will donate to his choice of charity. So bringing up that clown who stole money from Bear fans is irrelevant.

    2.) The dance is stupid. When a player from the other team does a 1st down dance, it puts a target on his back for the rest of the game. We don’t need to give team’s more incentive to knock him out of the game.

  10. This is the best idea EVER. Roy has some great talent, but when the Bears signed him, the first thing that popped into my head was “Great, we are gonna have to watch that F’n first down dance.”

    I will absolutelty donate and support this cause.

  11. I agree! That dance rubs it in the face of the opponent. A true professional just does his job and proves his prowess by being efficient at it. Perhaps he’s insecure and feels the grandstanding shows the viewers he accomplished something?

  12. For the love of god, touchdown dances if any dances only roy! A first down is not something worth getting excited about.

    It makes you look like a tool

  13. Although I applaud the great cause – Williams celebrates every completion simply because he generally runs the wrong route or muffs the reception. A completion to him is reason to celebrate. Good luck breaking him of being an idiot after every rare completion.

  14. Dallas Fan here and also a Longhorn Fan. I was excited to hear that Jerra had picked Roy up, when he had. I was concerned about the trade, but figured it was another Jerry trade. Seeing him at Texas, I thought this guy was a perfect fit for the Cowboys and very optimistic of his contributions. Heck I went to a Dallas practice in San Antonio and got an autographed Jersey from the dude. The longer he played for Dallas, I realized this guy is a long legged awkward clown. If you watch an interview with the dude, he reminds me of Groucho Marxs. Really my last straw with him was last year. Dallas had a chance to beat New Orleans, the ball was thrown to him, he catches it for once and runs down the field. Gets it stripped and New Orleans wins the game because of that poor bit of ball handling. Clown!! Keep in mind Jerra should have never agreed to make the trade he did for Roy, but that is a totally different issue. Chicago fans, you will be frustrated with this guy, I am sure of it. He is a standup comedian at the wide receiver slot. And we at Dallas still are feeling the pinch of this bad contract.. So Chop away at stupid receptions, because I don’t believe he is celebrating 1st downs, I think he is celebrating that he caught the ball and didn’t drop it.

  15. I am in total agreement of the idea of eliminating the 1st down celebration. It looks goofy when he does it, it’s as if he’s trying to reassure himself or something. It would be kinda nice if the network didn’t even bother showing it. That way if it meant that much to him, he could continue doing it, we just wouldn’t have to see it.

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