OL Film Breakdown: Bears @ Raiders

This is a breakdown of the entire OL in the 1st half versus the Raiders and the grading system is as follows,

[++]: Exceptional block showing good technique, physicality and finish.
[+]: Good block that may be missing one of the keys from above.
[/]: Stalemate or a block that does not do much to further the success of the play.
[-]: Poor block that may or may not affect the play.
[–]: Incredibly poor block that leads to the plays failure or a hit on the QB.

Quarter 1

Play 1: Run Right [7 Yards]

Bushrod: Good physical turn out of the backside DE [+].

Slauson: Physical surge into the backside DT and stoned him on the line and did not allow him off late to pursue the play [+].

Garza: Physical run block that turns the NT and knocks him to the ground [+].

Long: Gets to the 2nd level quickly and strikes Burnett, but does not lock him down long enough to be a dominant block [+].

Mills: Drives the backside DE down, but allows him off late however he does not get involved in the play and did open up the playside of the run [+].

*Exceptional blocks by the TE core [Bennett, Maneri and Onubon].

Play 2: Run Right [4 Yards]

Bushrod: Beautiful backside cut off that drives the DT down while covering him up and allows the cut back for extra yardage [++].

Slauson: Devastating double team with Garza that knocks the DT and Garza to the ground and moves the line of scrimmage [++].

Garza: Nice double team but does not get up to the LB because Slauson destroys both of them, but the double team springs the play to the backside [+].

Long: Knocks the DT off the ball, but does not have a ton of control and Walker gets off and is near the play [+].

Mills: Comes off low and physical and controls the DE, but does not move him very far [+].

Play 3: Play Action Pass [23 Yards]

Bushrod: Good run sell and controls his man [+].

Slauson: Good run sell and controls his man [+]

Garza: Good run sell and controls his man [+]

Long: Sells out too much for the run block and misses the pass finish and almost gets a holding call [-]

Mills: Good run sell and controls his man [+]

Play 4: Pass [16 Yards]

Bushrod: Very solid pass block with discipline feet and body position that leads to a pancake. [++].

Slauson: Poor technique and is beat late in the rep, but does not give up a sack or a hit [-]

Garza: Handles the stunt and blitz well with Long and gives up no penetration [+].

Long: Handles the stunt and blitz well with Garza and gives up no penetration [+].

Mills: Is patient and picks up the twister with solid hand placement and control [+].

Play 5: Run Left [6 Yards]

Bushrod: Gets to the 2nd level and physically tosses the LB to the ground like a child [++].

Slauson: Physical double on the NT, but misses the LB who makes the tackle. Spent too much time on the double team but Forte does bounce outside which shifts the angle [-].

Garza: Misses the NT on the double team allow penetration and forces the cut back [–].

Long: Double team with Mills that drives the DT 6 yards back, that is a legitimate 6 yards [++].

Mills: The double team was huge, but misses the LB who took a brutal back door angle which probably means you do not bother to get him [++].

*Our WRs are rag dolling the DBs of the Raiders in the run game.

Play 7: Pass [Marshall Drop]

Bushrod: Dominant pass block using body position and angles like a pro [++].

Slauson: Holds the rep long enough for the pass to get off, but does not continue to kick slide with the DT and gives up a late pressure but no hit [/].

Garza: Great hand punch and a solid rep against the NT [+].

Long: Physically dominant and absorbs the bull rush and drives the DT back once he stops the rush [++].

Mills: Very good pass block against the blitz, gets his hands on and finishes the rep but would like to see him not sink into the pocket as much as he did [+].

Play 8: Pass [Marshall Drop]

Bushrod: Dominant pass block, once his hands are on the rep is over [++].

Slauson: Picks up the blitz and locks down the LB [+].

Garza: Nice punch and passes the NT off to Long, but once he is free he should look for work [+].

Long: Once the NT is passed to Long the rep is over his hands are inside and he sits on the NT and it is over. Incredible power [++].

Mills: Good body position, forces the bull rush by taking the corner away and then absorbs the DE with his hands and size [++].

Play 9: Pass [133 Yards/TD]

Bushrod: Does not have a lot to do, but does not allow pressure [+].

Slauson: Good physical block to allow the swing pass [+].

Garza: Not a lot to do [/].

Long: Gets bull rushed with a quick move back 2-3 yards, which is not good on a short pass [-].

Mills: Nice cut block that does not get the DE down on the ground, but he keeps him from jumping, getting his hands up and getting involved in the play.

*Martellus Bennett throws a DB on the ground and then blocks another DB.

*Very cool play design with the motion and the double RBs on the field, gets a great matchup with the motion.
*Love the attack mentality coming off of a turnover when the Raiders are reeling.

Play 10: Pass [20 Yards]

Bushrod: Comes down on the DT and allows the pull, but could finish better as he lets the DE come off [+].

Slauson: Incredible pull and cut block the springs the run for an extra 12 yards [++].

Garza: Picks up the blitz [+].

Long: Goes to the 2nd level and misses the cut but does affect the LB [/].

Mills: Sprints to the 2nd level, but does not have work but continues to run down field and ends up 25 yards down field [/].

*Jay audible to the run away from the blitz which is awesome.
*Marshall works so hard as a blocker he ties up his CB when Forte passes he sprints down to get the S coming across.

Play 11: Pass [Onubon Drop]

Bushrod: Good position, but is pushed back a little and the pocket collapses [/].

Slauson: As Bushrod did forced the bull rush but gave up too much ground [/].

Garza: Double with Long and stones the DT [+].

Long: Double with Garza and stones the DT [+].

Mills: Good body position and locks on to the DE and rides him by the pocket, not dominant, but you will take it every time because Mills was in control [+].

*Exceptional throw from Jay.

Play 12: Screen Pass [2 Yards]

Bushrod: Gets beat inside, but I am not sure if he was suppose to because of the screen pass [/].

Slauson: Needs to get out in front of the screen sooner [-].

Garza: Gets out nicely and squares up the LB in the flat [+].

Long: Needs to get out sooner and allow the DT to move up field [-].

Mills: Gets bull rushed but I think he is suppose to get pushed back into the backfield [+].

Play 13: Pass [12 Yards]

Bushrod: Picks up the stunt and uses great power to knock the DT way outside [+].

Slauson: Picks up the stunt with good body position and footwork [+].

Garza: Good blitz pick up and stays low and square an absorbs the blitz and stunts giving a clean pocket [+].

Long: Good physical inside set and physically controls the NT with his hands [++].

Mills: Sets inside on the DE, gets his hands on and his head out of the block and finishes the rep at the line of scrimmage [++].

*All out blitz.

Play 14: Run [5 yards]

Bushrod: Knocks the DE back and forces him outside, but does not finish the block [+].

Slauson: Doubles with Garza and gets on the LB quickly and with his hands inside and finishes the rep 5 yards off the line of scrimmage [+].

Garza: Wheels the NT away from the play and then pancakes the NT when he makes his move back towards the play [++].

Long: Good initial punch and knocks the DT off the ball, but needs to finish the block and not allow the DT to get involved in the play [+].

Mills: Wheels on the DE and gets his hands on and finishes the rep, not a difficult block [+].

Play 15: Run [13 Yard TD]

Bushrod: Initially does not knock the defender back and allows him inside, but then pancakes his man into the pile [/].

Slauson: Solid double team and arrives in the LB core with violence and while he does not get a hold of either of them, but forces them to redirect and change their path [+].

Garza: Covers up the NT and physically twists him out of the hole and springs the run play. Key block [++].

Long: Double teams the DT back into the LB core and creates a pile that Bush cuts behind and scores, these double teams are ridiculous [++].

Mills: Destroys the DT on the double team and I mean embarrasses him [++].

Play 16: Pass [2Yards]

Bushrod: Allows the roll out and has good positioning [+].

Slauson: Allows the roll out and has good positioning [+].

Garza: Allows the roll out and has good positioning [+].

Long: Allows the roll out and has good positioning [+].

Mills: Allows the roll out and has good positioning [+].

Quarter 2

Play 17: Pass [10 Yards]

Bushrod: Good protection and mirror [+].

Slauson: Good hand punch and maintains the block [+]

Garza: Picks up the 2nd half of the blitz [+].

Long: Picks up the blitz with good awareness and body position [++].

Mills: Great initial hand punch that stuns the DE and then mirrors him outside [++].

Play 18: Pass [Bad Throw]

Bushrod: Good body position and punch and gets Forte involved with a nice chip [+]

Slauson: Physical and dominant and allows no penetration [++].

Garza: Physical and dominant and allows no penetration [++].

Long: Physical and dominant and allows no penetration [++].

Mills: Helps inside too long and loses the angle, but is able to recover and use his long arms to save the rep [/].

Play 19: Pass [Bennett Drop]

Bushrod: Great body position and punch that keeps the DE a long way from the QB [+].

Slauson: Slides down and blocks the NT [+].

Garza: Slides and blocks the NT [+].

Long: Strong double team on the DT [+].

Mills: Strong double team on DT [+].

*I really like how Kromer mixes up who is picking up who in the pass protection. The DE on this play thinks Mills is blocking him and instead the RB cuts him it keeps the DL thinking and looking.

Play 20: QB Scramble [14 yards]

Bushrod: Pushed back, but enough control for Cutler to escape [/].

Slauson: Pushed back, but enough control for Cutler to escape [/].

Garza: Pushed back, but enough control for Cutler to escape [/].

Long: Pushed back, but enough control for Cutler to escape [/].

Mills: Pushed back, but enough control for Cutler to escape [/].

*Could not see because the TV crew does not move the camera. Cutler did not have to run.

Play 21: Pass [Throw Away]

Bushrod: Does not engage the DE and misses the blitz [-].

Slauson: Good awareness and blitz pick up and when his hands are on the LB the rep ends [++].

Garza: Good Physical pick up of the DT slanting into his gap and allows no pressure [++].

Long: Physically plants the DT into the pile and ends the rep [++].

Mills: Hands are outside, but the rep is tough to grade because Cutler moves to avoid the blitz [/].

*Forte blows the blitz pick up.

Play 22: Pass [13 Yards]

Bushrod: Great blitz pick up and PERFECT technique allows him to handle multiple spins and moves [++].

Slauson: Swallows up the DT and ends the rep [++].

Garza: Absorbs the DT and is pressed a little into the backfield but a solid block 1 on 1 from the center [+].

Long: Double team with Mills [++].

Mills: His DE drops in a zone blitz and he crashes inside, which is very good awareness [+].

Play 23: Run [9 Yards]

Bushrod: Forces Houston up field and allows Forte to stretch zone run to the left [+].

Slauson: Pulls, but the play moves to the other side and he knocks a DT down with 1 hand [++].

Garza: Controls the LB long enough for Forte to move outside [++].

Long: Gets on the DT but falls off [/].

Mills: Absorbs a wicked bull rush and sits down and gives up no penetration [+].

Play 24: Run [24 yard cut back]

Bushrod: Controls Houston, but does not finish [/].

Slauson: Double team but does not get the LB [/].

Garza: Knocks the NT down and physically controls him the entire rep [++].

Long: Good double team, but is knocked over by Mills and does tie up the LB [+].

Mills: Blows up the DT, Long and the LB with his double team. This play was a WOW physical play [+++].

*No one uses exceptional technique, but they are so physical that the cut back is so wide open because of how badly the defense is being destroyed.

Play 25: Run [2 Yards]

Bushrod: Physical finish, but allows the DE to come inside to the play [-].

Slauson: Blows up the DT with Garza [+].

Garza: Solid double team and movement into the defensive backfield [+].

Long: Does not get his hands on the DT and is pushed pulled to the ground [-].

Mills: Needs to be more physical with the DE [-].

Play 26: Pass [11 Yards]

Bushrod: Handles the stunt [+]

Slauson: Handles the stunt like a pro [+].

Garza: Good positioning to help on the stunt [+].

Long: Physically dominant pass block and great hand use [++].

Mills: Beat inside but uses his long arms to not allow a hit or pressure [+].

Play 27: Run [1 Yard TD]

Bushrod: Blows up the left side and allows the TD [++]

Slauson: Blows up the left side and allows the TD [++].

Garza: Gets stood up and pushed back by a low surge [-].

Long: Stays square and surges into the end zone [+].

Mills: Stays square and surges into the end zone [+].

Play 28: Play Action Roll Out [Marshall Drop]

Bushrod: Sells run and slides [+]

Slauson: Sells run and slides [+]

Garza: Sells run and slides [+]

Long: Sells run and slides [+]

Mills: Sells run and slides [+]

*False Start on Mills.

Play 29: Pass [Bennett Drop]

Bushrod: Good blitz recognition and communication good physical punch and pass of the twist to Slauson [+].

Slauson: Good blitz recognition and communication good body position with Bushrod to now allow pressure on the stunt [+].

Garza: Good blitz recognition and communication, poor hands and allows penetration [+].

Long: Good blitz recognition and communication, good punch and stays on his guy and rides him wide of the pocket [+].

Mills: Good blitz recognition and communication great body position and an athletic kick get him in position to absorb the bull rush [+].

Play 30: Pass [Blitz, Incomplete]

Bushrod: Picks up blitz [+].

Slauson: Misses assignment and cannot recover with his technique [–].

Garza: Misses assignment and cannot recover with his technique [–].

Long: Misses assignment and cannot recover with his technique [–].

Mills: Misses assignment and cannot recover with his technique [–].

Play 31: Run [2 Yard Loss]

Bushrod: Terrible double team [–].

Slauson: Terrible double team [–].

Garza: Great block and control of the DT down the field [++].

Long: Terrible double team [–].

Mills: Terrible double team mostly on Long [-].

*Long ends the fight that Maneri gets into, LOVE IT.

Play 32: [Marshall Drop]






Play 32: Pass [13 Yards]

Bushrod: Locks on and ends the rep like a pro [+].

Slauson: Has no one but tries to blow up the guy that Garza is blocking I love the hustle and attitude [+].

Garza: Exceptional pass block with great punch and mirror [++].

Long: Good hand extension, but needs a better kick to not allow penetration into Mills [+].

Mills: Great set, but gets blown up by Longs guy shooting up field [+].

Play 33: Run [4 Yards]

Bushrod: Really nice down block on the DT allowing Slauson to pull and works his feet to maintain the block [+].

Slauson: Pulls and Maneri gets pushed back in his way and he runs over Maneri and the defender, I really like how he run blocks [+].

Garza: Doubles with Long and gets to the LB [+].

Long: Nice double team but he leaves the DT when he should have stayed once Garza climbed [-].

Mills: Gets to the 2nd level and lands a punch that forces Moore to run a long way to the play, which is the best you can expect in that much space [+].

Play 34: Pass [15 Yards]

Bushrod: Solid pass block [+].

Slauson: Poor technique, but gets the job done [/].

Garza: Misses twist wit Long [-].

Long: Misses twist with Garza [-].

Mills: Gets off the ball late against a LB but athletic enough to get in front [/].

Play 35: WR Screen [0 Yards]

Bushrod: Did not get out to his man [–].

Slauson: Pull Fake [/].

Garza: Nice job getting to the 2nd level [+].

Long: Makes a nice cut off block, but must sustain longer [/].

Mills: Good job on first level and getting to the 2nd level and having an impact [+].

Play 36: Run [6 yards]

Bushrod: Controls the DE and drives him into and past the pile late [+]

Slauson: Controls his man and then great 2nd effort to knock the pile forward and help his RB [++].

Garza: Gets to the 2nd level and has an impact [+].

Long: Huge down block on the NT that opens the play wide open [++].

Mills: Gets to the 2nd level quickly and gets in the way of the LBs, but not under control [/].

Play 37: Pass [Bad Snap]



Garza: Bad Snap [–]


Mills: Is the first guy over to help Jay up and push the Raiders back.


1. We ran 37 offensive plays not including penalties and field goals. When was the last time that you saw the Bears run 37 plays in a half of a football?

2. The long drives were refreshing to see as the Bears went on multiple 8 plus play drives and controlled the tempo of the game and the clock. Controlling the tempo and speed of the game is big for Trestman who wants the opponent to be uncomfortable.

3. The Bears left yards, first downs and at least 7 points on the field with drops. So, if you were impressed with the offense it could have been even more impressive.

4. I love the schemes and the fact that we have multiple protections, formations and ways of attacking the defense. It looked like the Raiders were confused and guessing and that we surprised them. This led to wide open WRs and cut back lanes that were wide open.

5. Cutler made 2-3 audibles, notably on Forte’s biggest run, that were superb and put the Bears in a position to not only be successful but to have a big play.


He is what was advertised to be a very solid professional pass protector that will not get beat often and will never get beat cleanly. He has solid technique and a great base. He surprised me with how strong he was in the run game and finishing blocks in the pass game.


His technique betrays him sometimes, but he is a big, physical, lunch pale player who works to the whistle and fights people. He has 4-5 impact blocks that surprised me his attitude and hustle were really impressive.


I have been critical of Garza, but he impressed me and showed that when he does not have to be the road grader on the line he can be successful. He was quick to the 2nd level and allowed the big boys beside him to handle the heavy lifting while he made really nice blocks to turn 3 yard runs into 7 yard runs. Still not a fan of him 1 on 1 in pass pro.


He made more mistakes this game then he did against SD, but he covers up so much by just physically attacking people. His busts came in recognition of stunts and blitzs and who should have come off of the double team, but when he gets his hands on the rep is over and I mean it is simply over.


I thought he was better than Long this game. The double team with Long make you stop and go WOW, but it is his hand use in pass pro that makes him special. Webb always gets into position, but does not punch and grab and finish the rep. Mills uses his kick slide to force a bull rush and then locks on and sits. It is textbook pass protection from an OT.


This line looks so much better than last season I do not have the words to describe it. Physically they are bigger, more physical and better athletes, but the physical is only 50% of it. The attitude has completely changed. The OL last year looked like a bunch of victims walking around. This group looks like a bunch of bullies who are fighting people to the ground who are not taking crap and who have been empowered by something.

This is no longer the greatest weakness on the team.


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