The Bears enter the bye week at 4-3.  The toughest part of their schedule seems to be behind them as they try and make a push into the post season.  The Saints and Packers are looking like solid playoff teams.  The third loss at the hands of the Lions is the only game I think we had a chance of winning.  Luckily for the Bears, they will get to see Green Bay and Detroit again in the regular season.

The line on both sides of the ball has got to get better.  On offense the same mistakes are happening over and over.  The line makes a good effort at run-blocking but is absolutely terrible at pass protection.  The mistakes start to add up when Jay Cutler has to run for his life and try and make plays off of his back foot.  There isn’t a whole lot of things to add to anymore on this train wreck of an offensive line only that Gabe Carimi’s comeback should help out somehow.  We hope.

The receivers are still the same bunch of misfits running around out there as well.  We saw a brief Roy Williams sighting against Tampa Bay but his mistakes still outweigh his accomplishments with this team.  Earl Bennett should return after the bye week to help Cutler out some.  Key drops are still killing drives regularly and no receiver is  off the hook with this.  Davis, Williams, Hester, Sazenbacher and Knox have all done it.

Matt Forte is playing lights out and having Barber come in to get the dirty work done in the red zone is nice.  It also helps when you are ahead and have a capable back keeping the ball and clock moving.  Barber needs a little polishing up on his back flips however.  Maybe Roy can teach him a few simple celebratory acts.   I’d also like to mention to Jerry Angelo if he is reading this, PAY THE MAN ALREADY!

To wrap things up, the defensive back field must continue to play fresh.  It is glaringly obvious that when the defense tires, we lose.  They have got to make plays and get off the field quicker.  And it wouldn’t hurt for Lovie to throw a blitz in once in a while.  I think most teams are not threatened anymore after 3 plus years of showing the blitz  but not sending anyone in.

The Bears could make a playoff push.  It’s up to the veterans on this team to play lights out for 4 quarters and this season could be saved.  There’s still hope.

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