Ozzie let go


The White Sox have released Mgr. Ozzie Guillen at his request, announced at his Press Conference. In his 8 years at the helm Oz managed the Sox to 2 division titles and a World Series. Oz met with Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf on Monday and it was decided in that meeting to allow Guillen to look for other opportunites. Kenny Williams said the Sox were going to stick with Guillen into next year stating, “Was it time for a change? I don’t think so. We had no intention of firing.”

The Sox still hold the rights to compensation if Guillen manages elsewhere in 2012.

Popular opinion holds that Ozzie will soon sign to manage the Marlins, a widely circulated blog post quotes Ozzie stating hes going to the Marlins, but that was taken down soon after being posted. Multiple reports have stated that if Ozzie signs with the Marlins the compensations package would include infielder Ozzie Martinez and a Minor League pitcher.

In his Press Conference GM Kenny Williams said, “We have had ample time to dwindle the list to a few candidates and we can act swiftly”, a list thought to include; Sandy Alomar Jr., Jim Fregosi and former Sox Player Dave Martinez.

Marlins current manager, Jack McKeon, has made it clear that he will be retiring at the end of the season to re-man his advisor role in the Marlins organization

Its a bittersweet day for many Sox fans.

Originally it was thought that Bench Coach Joey Cora would e the interm manager for the remaining 2 games of this season, but that, according to MLB.com’s Scott Merkin that is now up in the air

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