Patrick Sharp and Other Best Off-ice Personalities in the NHL

When it comes to playing in the NHL(and any other professional sport) there are two lives an athlete must live:the one on-ice, and the one off-ice.

Whether they can juggle the two roles is up to them.

There are some players who go above and beyond the call of duty. These guys add flair and spice to their team, while entertaining both fans and non-fans alike.

Here’s a list of some of the most intriguing off-ice personalities in the NHL.

Please don’t be shy to give your favorite off-ice personalities.

Patrick Kane

Despite the Buffalo allegations, Patrick Kane has emerged as one of the most marketed face in the NHL. And for good reasons.

Almost always paired with fellow teammate, Jonathan Toews, Kane and Toews make a very good comedic duo. They are always seen together in commercials, as well any Blackhawks’ related events.

Kane, at first, seems like a shy person, but a little more prodding and you usually get a joke or two from him, as evident in the video below.
Patrick Kane talking about girls and dating.


Chris Pronger

Love him or hate him, but Chris Pronger knows how to add some fun to the game, whether it’s amusing to just him or everyone else.

Whether it’s setting up pranks, messing with the media, or stealing game pucks at the Stanley Cup Championships, Pronger remains a Philadelphia fan-favorite while aggravating most of other fans around the league.
Chris Pronger Teasing Some Journalists

Patrick Sharp


The second Blackhawk and the second Patrick on this list, Patrick Sharp, is a notorious prankster in the NHL. Like most pranksters Sharp has a sidekick. Adam Burish used to be Sharp’s right-hand man when it came to pulling pranks.

Sharp has had a history to messing with fellow Blackhawks Patick Kane and Jonathan Toews’ room. He was even voted by his team as the number one prankster.

Whether it be from his pranks or silly Halloween costumes, Sharp is able to show a more casual side contrasted to his on-ice personality without all the scandal.
Patrick Sharp playing a prank on Toews and Kane

The Sedin Twins

The Sedin twins are the most potent duo in the NHL today. Loved by Canuck fans and adored by all NHL fans, Henrik and Daniel Sedin made this list easily.

A lot of people know about their on-ice personalities, but little know about them personally, though that is made sure of by the twins themselves.

Their on-ice persona is a bit more serious, the twins  do have a humorous side, as represented in the video.

They are always very good people, having donated $1.5 million to the BC Children’s Hospital.
Sedin Twins in a hilarious commercial.

Alexander Ovechkin

It’s impossible to know anything about the NHL without knowing off Alexander Ovechkin. His dazzling goals and high tempo playing style has made him, alongside Sydney Crosby, as the most marketed man in the NHL.

But Ovechkin often has a funny side to him.

And with all the press he has failed to make a serious blunder in his off-ice personality.

(Maybe it’s just the Russian accent?)
Ovechkin in a funny interview.

3 thoughts on “Patrick Sharp and Other Best Off-ice Personalities in the NHL

  • March 7, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    Ty, I have to agree, and granted being a Hawks fan I could easily be accused of partiality, but I think that Sharpie does more for the game than the likes of even Crosby and Ovi. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ovi, he seems like a lot of fun, Crosby not so much.

    Yet if you take an all-encompassing look at both on and off-ice passion – no one touches Sharpie. The vids on BHTV last year of he and Burish and their pranks on “the kids” were stellar and his love for the game is obvious no matter who is interviewing him. He certainly is living his dream.

  • March 7, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    I totally have to agree. The list was in no particular order. The link under Sharp’s part is a link to a prank video, and I did love them as well. Sharp is a great charcter both on and off the ice.
    I also agree that Ovie is a lot more fun than Crosby, so that’s why I put Ovie on there and not Crosby.
    Thanks for the great comment!

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