I’ve never been good at making predictions. Sometimes I will get a gut feeling about an upcoming game, but I am never able to make picks with any consistency. I tried that ESPN Beat the Streak thing, but usually only got about 4-5 games in row correct. One thing I think I may be good at however is telling you how I think the Chicago Bears season is going to end, because if anything is predictable, it’s the Bears.

Chicago Bears WallpaperI didn’t have any reason to believe that the Bears couldn’t beat both the Seahawks and the Redskins, but they dropped both in spectacular fashion. Now, following both of those games, both winnable games for the Bears, Chicago is staring down the barrel of a gun that is their own schedule.

The two losses to Seattle and Washington hurt all the more when you begin to think about how jumbled the NFC is and how the tiebreakers could play out. Right now all three losses are against teams that are currently tied at 4-3 with the Bears or one game ahead of them. It’s pretty scary to think that at the end of the season the Bears could be on the outside of the playoffs looking in and it could very well be because of these past two home games.

But let’s get to the rest of the schedule, because what’s done is done.

Following the bye, the Bears will head to Buffalo, I mean Toronto, to face the 0-6 Bills. This game would seem to be a lock, but in the 2010 NFL, there is no such thing. Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills could present the Bears with problems, but I am more convinced that no team creates more issues for the Bears than the Bears themselves. I like Chicago to take care of Buffalo in some manner and head home to face Minnesota at 5-3.

With the Vikings next on the schedule, and with Brett Favre facing some possible time off for the first time in his career, the Bears just might have a shot at snagging a win here. Once again, I have no idea on how they will do this, but my gut tells me this is a game they will win, Favre or no Favre. Who knows, maybe that receiving core made up of ex-defensive backs and kick returners finally figures out how to run a route and fight for a ball? Maybe Jared Allen doesn’t kill Jay Cutler? Anything is possible.

The Bears are now 6-3 in my fantasy world, but this is where things get tricky, and by tricky, I mean potentially ugly.

Welcome to Miami. Sure the Dolphins are currently 0-3 at home. But upon closer inspection, those losses are to the Jets, the Patriots and the Steelers, all three much better than the Bears. I think the Dolphins commit to the run and take care of our Bears. 6-4.

Enter Philadelphia. The Eagles may be schizo, but I don’t like the match up at all for the Bears. Something about the NFC East doesn’t sit well with me. On a bright note, three of the Eagles four wins this season have come against the Lions, the Jags and the 49ers. Then again our wins are nothing to write home about. Plus, look at their schedule, the Eagles will likely be fighting for their playoff lives here. Not good. Bears fall to 6-5.

Off to Detroit. Will the Lions be chomping at the bit or what for this re-match? Matt Stafford will be back, but I still think the Bears should be able to sweep the season series. If they can’t beat the Lions (I mean really beat the Lions) this time around, what’s the point. Bears win, now 7-5.

Are you excited?!? Don’t be.

Now comes New England. (I originally had posted that this was an away game but had to correct. Thanks to reader Tom for the catch). Is there anyone who thinks the Bears can win this one? I know the Pats defense is suspect, but a win versus New England in December? Don’t count on it. The realization on my part that this is a home game helps a bit, but I still think the Bears drop to 7-6 following this one.

At Minnesota is the next game on the schedule. Once again, I don’t know what the Vikings might look like at this point, but I know they won’t let the Bears come to town and leave without a fight. Plus, it’s a Monday Night game, and we all know how the Bears tend to look in the national spotlight. The answer is shitty. Bears lose a heart-breaker and drop to 7-7 on the season.

The Jets come to town. Loss. That is all. Bears now 7-8.

And then there is the finale. From my scientific calculations the Packers will enter this game at 8-7. What this means is that the winner walks away with the division title at a craptastic 8-8 or 9-7. I don’t see the Packers letting the Bears come to Green Bay and steal the division from them, unless they keep losing players like they have been over the past couple of weeks. Packers win, Bears drop to 7-9 and miss the playoffs.

Thanks to the two games you just watched; two games the Bears dropped at home; two games the Bears could have and should have won, the Bears will miss the playoffs. That is my prediction. I sincerely hope that as the season progresses, the comment section of this post will fill up and most of those comments will be lambasting me on how wrong I was and how stupid I am. Kinda like my wife does.

In the end I want the Bears to win, but I watch the games, and from what I have seen, and from what I see ahead, things ain’t lookin’ good. Oh and this is the answer to my own question and post from the other week.

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10 thoughts on “Predicting the Bears season from here (a craptastic journey)”

  1. Isn’t the New England game a home game? Even though it doesn’t make much difference on the outcome for the Bears. I agree with the rest though.

  2. Hard to argue with the conclusion you draw. I actually believe they lose one of the games you have them winning and lose all of the ones you have them losing. I give them 6-10.

  3. Scott, I don’t think the Bills game is a cake walk. Let’s just hope the Bears figure something out in the next week and a half.

  4. Rex,

    I think your predictions are actually spot on.

    There is a part of me however, that somehow thinks the bears wills lose to the hungry lions, but then again I do think we are a better team overall.

    I would have to agree with the overall record at the end of the year, and hopefully that means Lovie and Co. are given the boot.

  5. Thanks for checking in Dan. You’re worried about the Lions, I am worried about the Fitzpatrick led Bills!

    Let’s hope that they figured something out during the bye week and I can eat crow on this for weeks to come.

  6. The thing is, this was after the redskins game when they looked horrid. I can’t change my post, but a lot changed since then. Thank God.

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