Pro City League: From Nowhere, John Lucas III

If you haven’t been following lockout basketball yet, this might be what holds us over until we see the NBA strike a deal. The Summer League Games, not to be confused with the pre-pre-season camps for under-experienced players and referees. The player initiative to reach fans across open venues across the basketball belt, has been putting up some good shows. Defense has been somewhat optional, but nevertheless, the entertainment is still there.

Initially, Marshawn Brooks started the big waves, with his big 48 point performance in a Nike Pro City league game, last week. Following Brooks, Kevin Durant dropped in 66 points and stunned crowds when he just couldn’t miss a shot.

Brooks, a high volume scorer coming out of college in a moderately organized event, sure, 48 points was no surprise. The NBA two-time scoring champion drops 66, good stuff. But John Lucas III? How does he fit in? He just knocked 61 points in. That’s right, John Lucas scored 61 points in a game(after following a 50 game performance the day prior!), that featured elite basketball players from all over, including All-NBA teamers.

The bad news is, there is no Summer League, no Free Agency, and no certainty on when we will see NBA basketball again. The good news is, it wasn’t Janero Pargo dropping 60s on the street in the Pro City league to confuse Bulls management into bringing him back for yet another try!


You can see more on these performances by searching youtube for Pro City League, and check out the Nike PCL schedule here.


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