Quick thoughts on Brandon Marshall’s situation.

As the regular season rapidly approaches, Brandon Marshall’s personal issues get larger. The hip injury from earlier in the offseason is still nagging him. After receiving arthroscopic hip surgery, he still has trouble in his recovery. Now he is taking four days off from the team to have a follow up appointment. This is a legitimate worry so fans and media have some reason to stir speculation.

Marshall also made it public of his mental struggle with the new offense. He claims he doesn’t know his role in the offense which is surprising coming from your undisputed number one receiver. However, this shouldn’t cause anyone to worry about Marshall or the offense. You have to remember these words are coming from a star having a down week, who also has a mental/emotional health history. The way he undersold himself sounds like he’s just somewhat upset with his performance. It probably doesn’t have anything to do with the system or his role. He knows he’s the go to guy. This is just a problem with Brandon’s mood that will probably pass over by the week.

When asked about the situation with Marshall, quarterback Jay Cutler replied, “It’s B”. He went on to say that he’ll stop being down on himself in a few days. Marshall is justified to be down on himself after dropping passes against the raiders and letting Alshon Jeffery take the receiving spotlight. Just let Marshall solve problems by himself. Let him take his four days off to rehab his hip and get his mind together. You can almost guarantee when Brandon Marshall exits the tunnel versus the Bengals, he’ll know his “role”.

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