Revamp at Wide Receiver? My Opinion on who the Bears Should Sign

The Mike Martz offense isn’t as easy to learn as other systems in the NFL. The Martz playbook is a timing based offense based off the original Air Coryell, which incorporates a deep ball in almost every play, and a reported 30 plus different versions of every play. While also using what some would consider the most complex route running tree in all the NFL.

Which then begs a number a questions about this offseason, entering day 3. One, why are the Bears not targeting Wideouts? Two, are the Bears fighting Martz on what he wants and possibly needs for his system to work? And, finally are they simply just content with who they have?

It could be a combination of the three. For the sake of the Chicago Organization, it may be wise to target a couple of potential playmakers outside of the widely rumored Brad Smith.

The two most likely candidates are Roy WIlliams from Dallas and Mike Sims-Walker of Jacksonville.

Williams’ had his best season with the Lions while apart of  Martz’ offense. Williams made his lone Pro Bowl appearance in 2006 with 82 catches, for 1310 yards receiving, 7 touchdowns and averaging nearly 82 yards a game receiving. This begs the question, why not bring in a guy who liked and thrived in the Martz offense, and a guy Martz openly admitted to liking and having a solid relationship with?

Moving onto the aforementioned Mike Sims-Walker. My personal pick for Wide Receiver this off-season in terms of whom I would like to see signed. He has openly reached out to the Bears saying that, “Chicago would be one of the ideal spots for me, with the offensive coordinator (Mike Martz) and Jay Cutler, the speedy receivers, the monster defense, and Matt Forte in the backfield, I think I can be the missing piece.”

It’s obvious he likes what Chicago could potentially offer him. But is the feeling mutual? It could be, but I can’t see into the future.
Though he is coming off a down year, he could still very well be the missing piece of the offense as both he and I seem to believe that he is.

In fact, it’s not too long ago he was seen as an upcoming young number 1 type Wide Receiver. Two seasons ago, he posted a line of 63 receptions for 869 yards and 7 grabs for Touchdowns, while averaging nearly 58 yards a game. Nothing jaw dropping, though he posted those numbers after seeing next to 0 playing time as a rookie out of UCF.

Which brings me to my final points. Cutler is known to have liked his bigger wide receivers (i.e. Brandon Marshall in Denver), he likes to drop the ball over the shoulder of his target. Both of the Wide Outs mentioned earlier are bigger targets. Williams stands 6’4” and 210 pounds. Along with Mike Sims-Walker who tips the scales at around 215-220 pounds while standing 6’2”.

So why not give your franchise player something he is known to like to throw at, or an offensive coordinator someone who has thrived in his system and has a good relationship with?

On a final note, Mike Sims-Walker is my overall choice if forced to choose between the 2. You can’t help but look at the similarities between Sims-Walker and Brandon Marshall. Both Marshall and Sims-Walker attended University of Central Florida (teammates in fact). Both are bigger more physical and physically gifted Wide Receivers. Along with both being mid-round draft picks. So why can’t lightning strike twice?

It’s a fun thought to say the least. In a perfect world, the Bears sign both guys mentioned but, this IS NOT a perfect world…..sadly.


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