Rumors: Darvish, Crisp, Varitek, Wakefield and more Fielder

Here’s a bit of news that has hit the rumor mill in recent days:

* Yesterday was the last day to enter bids for Japanese ace Yu Darvish. The Cubs reportedly were one of the teams to send a bid in for Darvish’s services. We don’t know how much it was worth, but are thought that the bid was pretty good. Jon Heyman is hearing that a bid could be over 50 million. Right now, it seems that the Toronto Blue Jays are the favor to win the bidding on Yu Darvish. According to Jeff Passon, one GM who bidded on Darvish said he thinks the Blue Jays are the favorite. Another one said the Cubs could be and another one thinks the Mariners are the favorites. The point is no one knows who will win. Another team that put in a bid was the Yankees, but they don’t look like a threats. The Yanks just offer a mid offer, like 30 million. Yu Darvish Japanese team has until Tuesday to  decided if they will take the offer and let Darvish play in the MLB. It’s been reported that his team will take the offer and he will be play in the United States during the 2012 season and beyond. However, the winning bid could be announce at any time. But it’s said that the MLB will announce the winner on Tuesday morning. The Blue Jays, Cubs and Mariners look like good threats, but don’t be surprise if the Rangers win. After the team wins the bid… the team has 30 days to negotiate a deal with Darvish. If a deal is not made upon, he’ll return back to Japan.

* The Cubs could be interested in outfielder Coco Crisp. He’s not a “wow” player, but plays good defense and plays all out. Also, he’s good on the base-path. That’s what Team Theo are emphasizing on and why Crisp is probably on their radar. The report mentioned that he would play LF. Hmm.. isn’t Alfonso Soriano the Cubs LF? If the Cubs did sign Crisp, I have to imagine Soriano will be traded. There’s no way the Cubs are going to sit Soriano on the bench for 18 million. Peter Gammons reports that the Cubs will eat 15 million per year to the team that takes him. So.. 3 million a year is a bargain and a team has to take him. However, we don’t know how much interest the Cubs have in Crisp. I guess we will have to see and if Fonzie will finally be traded.

* The Cubs have interest in long-time Red Sox Jason Varitek, according to Phil Rogers. But Hot Stove Cubbies was the first to mentioned the interest in Varitek 3 weeks ago. Varitek is a good clubhouse guy and can mentor young players like Castillo and/or Clevenger. The Cubs could still be talking to teams about Geovany Soto. Varitek will come in as the back-up. He would be a nice addition and he knows Epstein and Hoyer well. I could see the Cubs signing Varitek, but not too soon.

* Also, the Cubs could have interest in long-time Red Sox Tim Wakefield. We don’t know how much interest there is in him, but there is at least some. Wakefield is also a good clubhouse guy. The Cubs want many good players in the clubhouse. Wakefield would be more of a spot starter than anything else. I’m more mutual on the signing of Wakefield, I wouldn’t know what to think. He knows Eptein and Hoyer well too.

* How can I make a post without mentioning Prince Fielder? That would not seem logic. According to David Kaplan, Scott Boras is still looking for a 8-10 year contract worth 25 million a year. It seems that no team will go that high and Boras knows that. The years should drop soon and a signing before Christmas could happen. But that could be a big COULD! Kaplan mentions the Cubs do have interest, like all reports. Kaplan thinks if the Cubs offer 5 year contract worth 25 million and a 6th year option, that could get a deal done. If that’s the case, Team Theo should jump all over that.

Well… that’s all for now.

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