Rumors/Notes Over the Last Week or so

Sorry for the limited Cub posts as of late, but I haven’t had much time… I just got my 2nd job, I have 2 cadet programs and school. Let’s just forget about that and let me catch up on everything Cubs over the last week or so:

* The winner in the bidding for Yu Darvish was finally announced yesterday. The winner was the Texas Rangers with a bid of 51.7 million. Now they have 30 days to negotiate a deal with Darvish. If no deal is completed within the 30 days, Darvish will return to Japan. So… a deal will have to be completed. It looks like the Rangers will go over 100 million for Darvish. No word on what the deal could look like, but I heard around 6 years and 70 million. That’s a lot of money for a pitcher who never pitched in the MLB before. Darvish was a star in Japan, but Japan and the MLB are different. The Blue Jays came close to winning the big on Darvish as their bid was 50 million. The Cubs did put a big in, but no word on what their bid came out to be. My guess it was in the 40 million range. Does this mean the Rangers are out on free agent Prince Fielder? Only time will tell, but I have ton say yes because they won’t be able to offer as much a year that another team will. However, you never know, look at the Angels situation.

* Cuban’ Yoenis Cespedes is expected to become a free agent in the MLB soon. After he receives residency in the Dominican Republic. He should recieve residency this week or next week at the latest.  The Cubs are still very interested in Cespedes and will try to sign him. Cespedes reportedly is looking for a deal around 60 million. To be honest, I would take the chance on Cespedes and give him the 60 million over 4-5 years. He would be the Cubs new CF and Byrd will move to LF or will be the 4th OF. If the Cubs did sign Cespedes, Alfonso Soriano will most likely be gone. Then Byrd will move to LF until top prospect Brett Jackson gets the call. A outfield of Jackson (LF), Cespedes (CF) and DeJesus (RF) would be athletic and good defensively. What the Cubs have been emphasizing in doing this offseason. The Cubs also still have interest in Jorge Soler. I say the Cubs will turn their attention to Soler of they can’t sign Cespedes. I guess we’ll see how much interest in Cespedes over the next week or so.

* Yeah, more Prince Fielder… oh joy! I wish a team will just sign him already (hopefully Cubs!). But not much has been lately. It looks like the Rangers are out after the signing of Yu Darvish. Also, there’s a chance they’re not. My guess is yes. The M’s seem to not have enough money for Feilder. The M’s like Fielder a lot, but money ain’t there. As of right now, it looks like Fielder is down to the Blue Jays and the Cubs. With the Cubs being the favorite. The Cubs like Fielder and have been doing a background check on them, but only on their terms. No 10-year contract. Do the Jays really want to take a chance on another long-term contract? After the ones they gave to Alex Rios and Vernon Wells that completely fail. They’ll be in the sweepstakes, but I doubt they will give him the years and money he wants. Not being bias as a Cubs fan, but I still think the Cubs will sign Fielder. A contract like 6 years/150 million with a option for the 7th year and an opt out clause.

* A report surface last week that the Cubs were negotiating a contract with pitcher Paul Maholm whom is a free agent. Not much since, but there is still a lot of interest from the Cubs side. I bet the Cubs are looking at all other options before signing Maholm such as Joe Saunders who was non-tender last week and long time Red Sox Tim Wakefield. At the end I expect the Cubs to sign Maholm to a 2 year contract worth 10-12 million. I’m all in favor for a Maholm signing as I like him. He’s not that bad, especially if he’ll come in and be the 4th or 5th starter. Joining Garza, Dempster and Zambrano. Not lookin’ too bad.

* There was a rumor out there that the Cubs were talking about a trade with the Padres regarding Matt Garza and their top prospect Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo is now blocked in San Diego after the Padres traded Mat Latos to the Reds for 1B Yonder Alonso, P Edinson Volquez, Brad Boxberger and Yasmani Grandal. Rizzo got blocked behind Alonzo. Many say Rizzo is still 1 year away. The 22 year old seems to fit the Cubs plan if they plan on rebuilding, but no one knows for sure right now. The base of the trade would be Garza and Rizzo. Their would have to be a 3rd team involved for a deal to work and the name mentioned was the Texas Rangers. Before the Rangers won the rights to Yu Darvish, they had interest in Matt Garza. So, that means the Rangers would have taken Matt Garza in the trade. However, that does not seem likely anymore and a trade may be to complicated to complete. The Blue Jays now seem to have the most  in Garza and willing to pay. The Jays were big on Darvish but lost, so they will be looking elsewhere for a SP. I just think Garza will stay and try their best to contend in ’12. As for Rizzo, I don’t see a trade happening.. at least for the Cubs side.

*The dream front office adds another member. The Cubs sign Boston Red Sox National-Cross Checker Matt Dorey. Dorey spent 4 seasons with the Red Sox as a pro scout. Dorey will be the last Red Sox personnel the Cubs sign for 3 years. That was a deal the Cubs and Red Sox agreed upon. In other news, the Cubs hired ex Red Sox pro scout Kyle Evans. Since he was not a Red Sox scout anymore, the Cubs had full access to sign Evans with no penalty. Also, the Cubs could be signing another former Red Sox Craig Shipley, who was the VP of international scouting and player personnel. The dream front office is starting to become one of the best in the game, if that has not happen already.

Well that’s the latest.. I’ll try to have more posts up if news breaks and if I have time.

3 thoughts on “Rumors/Notes Over the Last Week or so

  • December 21, 2011 at 6:36 AM

    Marshall to the Reds for Wood and 2 prospects.

  • December 21, 2011 at 11:25 AM

    Reed Johnson re-signs.

  • December 21, 2011 at 2:17 PM

    Thanks! I’ll habe a post up later and maybe one on the Marshall rumor too. But not right away, I want to see how it plays out more.

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