Scottie Pippen Dazzles in NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Blocks Justin Beiber

Scotty Pippen did what every respecting male in North America wanted to do. Block the hell out of Justin Beiber. Pippen showed that he still had some burn left in the chamber.

Despite losing out on a text-based MVP-selection that crowned Justin Beiber the MVP, Pippen truly deserved the award with 17 points.

The actual game itself was almost unbearable to watch. The only redeeming factor was watching Pippen’s jump-shot that was still there, Beiber being blocked, and the announcers awkwardly saying Trey Songz every time he touched the ball.

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LOS ANGELES — Justin Bieber finally got a trophy.

The teen singing sensation, who was shut out at the Grammys, was chosen most valuable player despite playing for the losing team in the NBA All-Star celebrity game.

Bieber had eight points, four assists and two rebounds for the West team, which lost 54-49 to the East on Friday night at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Chicago Bulls Hall of Fame player Scottie Pippen led the Magic Johnson-coached East team with 17 points in a game whose defensive highlight might have been Pippen’s third-quarter block of Bieber.

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