Should Chicago Draft a Quarterback?

After seeing what can happen to a quarterback that doesn’t get enough good protection from his offensive line, Bears fans should realize that having a good quarterback is a must.  Unfortunately, the backup quarterback that the Bears chose to have take over in case their regular starter, Jay Cutler, got injured was very ineffective and did much more harm than good.

It does appear that Chicago has finally realized that Todd Collins is not going to work out for them so they will probably let him loose and try to find someone else to take his place.

With Caleb Hanie pretty much cemented in as the second quarterback on the roster it’s inevitable that the Bears will have to go out and find a third string quarterback during the offseason.  They cannot afford to be without a third quarterback especially after everything that happened with Cutler this past season.

So where should the Bears look to find another quarterback?  Should they use a precious draft pick to get someone that may or may not make the team or take a proven veteran or perhaps an undrafted free agent (remember that this is where Caleb Hanie came to the Bears from).  A proven veteran that doesn’t cost a lot would be ideal but those are hard to come by and we know that some veterans aren’t worth the time, effort and money that some teams spend on them to bring them in and sign them.

What would the Bear’s best in this instance?  They shouldn’t use a draft pick on a quarterback because they have too many other needs on the team that they will need a draft pick for.  They also have just six picks heading into the draft and they need to use them wisely.  Also, after drafting the now since departed Dan LeFevour last year they probably won’t roll the dice on another quarterback in the draft again this year.

This leaves them the big unknown of free agency as a way for the Bears to fill their third quarterback spot but right now, with the problems being put out by the lack of a collective bargaining agreement, the Bears, like the rest of the NFL have to sit and wait to see what happens.

But for now, at least we can look at a few guys that could be available to the Bears to sign and keep as a third string quarterback.

Looking at what free agency has to offer, the Bears may find some interest in Cleveland’s Seneca Wallace, Baltimore’s Marc Bulger and former Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards.  The nice thing about these three guys is that they have starting experience and are at least still somewhat serviceable.  Bulger would be of some particular interest because he’s played in a similar offense and could step in and play as needed.

Wallace has some starting experience and is serviceable but would make a better third string quarterback than anything else.  He would also come cheap.  The same can be said about Edwards.

Chicago doesn’t have to spend a draft pick or a lot of money to get a good backup quarterback.  They just have to be careful with who they get, not go out and get someone that’s going to fall flat and not be effective like Collins was.

If they can win this battle and find a good third string quarterback this offseason then they will shore up the most important position on the team and not have to worry about it much during the season.



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