Source: Bears Show Interest in Former Seahawks Linebacker Lofa Tatupu

lofa tatupu chicago bears

According to a league source, there is mutual interest between free agent linebacker Lofa Tatupu and the Chicago Bears

Tatupu, 28, is looking for a home, and he has connections to Chicago’s front office. When Tatupu was drafted in 2005 out of USC, it was by then Seahawks General Manager Tim Ruskell. Ruskell now serves as assistant General Manager in Chicago.

Tatupu played middle linebacker all 6 seasons in Seattle, it’s unclear where he would play if signed. Obviously Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs have their spots claimed. Would Tatupu be a rotational player or would he play over OLB Nick Roach? Despite not playing outside linebacker, would Tatupu serve as a better option than Roach?

As a 3 time pro bowler, it’s evident that Tatupu could definitely help this Bears’ defense. The question is where and how? I believe if our front office makes the move answering that question should be the least of their concerns.

On the subject of concerns, the only thing preventing the Bears from jumping in head first and signing the free agent linebacker is injury problems. Tatupu missed out on most of the season during 2009 with a torn pectoral. Now coming off surgery in which he had work done on both knees this off-season, it’s hard to say if we should be concerned. Tatupu has seen a decline in production despite, playing in all 16 games last season and staying healthy. We’ll see where this roller coaster takes us in the next couple days.

Let us know in the comments, do you think the Bears should take the risk of signing Lofa Tatupu?

Source: ESPN Chicago

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  • August 3, 2011 at 2:51 PM

    Great move, please get this done.

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