Sox Look Hopeless, Ship May Be Sunk

4 games in a row the Sox have had a lead in a ball game.  4 games in a row the Sox have relinquished said lead and gone on to lose the game.  In those 4 games they have lost 4 games in the standings, and have lost almost all possible hope of winning the AL Central.

The AL Central has a shining example of how quickly a team can fall from grace.  That is the Detroit Tigers.  A few weeks back, they were in the thick of this race, today they are about a 15 game winning streak away from competing again.

Unfortunately the Sox are staring the same fate right in the face.  2 games in a row in Minnesota they have had a chance to win a game.  2 games in a row they let it get away.

It comes down to this, tomorrow is a must win.  If they lose tomorrow, 6 games will be too big of a hole to climb out of and the city of Chicago will be officially allowed to focus on football.  If the White Sox win tomorrow, you can dream.

The upcoming schedules actually look very promising for the South Siders.  At Kansas City is next and then Baltimore comes to Chicago for 3.  Win all 6, and you may very well be 2 games back, possibly 1.  Because the Twins have the Angels and Rangers for 7 away from home.

But to hope this team wins 6 games in a row, even against competition who are a combined 44 games under .500, is absurd.  The Sox have not put 9 innings together in more than a week now.  The single win against the Tigers was not overwhelming, and the 6 losses have been pretty much pathetic.  So 6 games against the Royals and Orioles may very well be just as difficult as it has been to beat the Twinks.

The Sox ship looks to be sinking fast.  And unless they get some miraculous luck tomorrow, the curse of Minnesota will continue, and the boat will hit rock bottom before the anchor does.

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