In the fourth game of spring training, the Cubs play the Kansas City Royals.

The Chicago Cubs (2-2) beat the Kansas City Royals (3-2) 6-4.

Boxscore (thanks to

Dave Sappelt – 0-3 with a K
Reed Johnson – 2-3 with 2 1B, run and a K
Starlin Castro – 2-3 with 2 1B and a run. Also, Castro sole a base.
Brian LaHair – 2-3 with 2 1B, rbi and run. LaHair also stole a base.
Jae-Hoon Ha – 1-3 with a 1B, rbi and run
Darwin Barney – 1-3 with a 2B and an rbi
Matt Tolbert – 1-3 with a 1B and a run. Tolbert also stole a base.
Steve Clevenger – 1-3 with a 1B and 2 K’s
Jow Mather – 1-3 with a 1B. Also, Mather stole a base.
Tony Campana – 0-1 with a BB and K
Matt Szczur – 1-2 with a 1B
Alfredo Amezaga – 1-2 with a 1B
Josh Vitters – 0-1 with a BB and a K. Vitters was also caught stealing; however, it could have been a balk not called.
Adrian Cardenas – 0-2
Bobby Scales – 0-1 with a K
Blake DeWitt – 1-1 with a 1B and a run
Blake Lalli – 0-1
Brett Jackson – 1-1 with a 1B and an rbi

Jeff Samardzija: Pitched 3 innings … 1 hit, 0 runs, 0 walks and strick out 3
Jay Jackson: Pitched 1 inning … 1 hit, 1 run (unearned), 0 walks and struck out 1
Rafael Dolis: Pitched 2 innings … 1 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk and struck out 1
Trey McNutt: Pitched 1 inning … 2 hits, 1 run, 0 walks and struck out 1
Jeff Beliveau: Pitched 1 inning … 4 hits, 2 runs, 0 walks and struck out 1

Positives from the game:
*I know it’s only one game, but Samardzija looked good and was throwing in the mid 90’s.
*The Cubs are playing small ball and that’s good … especially when you don’t have much power hitters.
*Dolis continues to pitch good and that he’ll be a good guy to have in the ‘pen.
*Brett Jackson continues to find a way to get on base.

Negatives from the game:
*Castro committed his first error of Cactus league play.
*McNutt continues to un-impress as he’s throwing too many balls
*Beliveau keeps showing he still needs more time in the minors.

**Note: The Cubs have release minor league pitcher Kyle Smit whom they acquired along with Blake DeWitt and Brett Wallach from the Dodgers for Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot.

Tomorrow the Cubs play the Seattle Mariners at 2 p.m. central.

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