Surprise Teams Bad And Good At The All-Star Break

With the all-star game upon us marking a little bit over the half way point, lets take a look at some surprise teams in both the good and the bad variety.

White Sox- (47-38) The White Sox are a very interesting story. To begin the season there was doubts that some of the players would comeback to their career numbers such as Dunn and Rios. There were doubts that Peavy would ever be a good pitcher again and it goes on and on and on. Young closer, young bullpen, Viciedo replacing Carlos Quentin, Sale being in the rotation and the allmighty rookie manager in Robin Ventura. So far all of Kenny Williams moves have looked good for the 1st half.

Tigers- (44-42) The Tigers got Prince! The Tigers got prince! Those words were chanted across the globe by fans in every city. Luckily for the division rivals The Tigers decided not to go with more pitching and better defensive baseball players.

Pirates- (48-37) Wow! No offense and this team is in 1st place at 9 over .500. Tremedous pitching. If they add a bat they will have a good shot to make the playoffs. I really like how this team has evolved.

Red Sox- (43-42) This is a team that can go either way, depending on how close you follow The Red Sox. I have heard mixed emotions about their record. Some fans say it is all injuries and a bad bullpen to start the year. Some say its a mess left by Theo Epstein. Again it can go either way. Surprised or not surprised? Its all in one fans opinions I guess.

Some other mentions could go to The Orioles, Dodgers ETC.

So with the first half in the books, look for an exciting finish as some teams try to gain ground and meet expectations while others try to prove the analysts wrong, heck there may even be a dark horse that isn’t even in the picture yet. Lots of baseball left!

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