Taj Gibson agrees to contract extension, 4 years 38 million dollars

Taj Gibson will be a Bull for another 4 seasons. After it appeared he wasn’t going to accept the offer on the table, after the Bulls first game of the season he decided to accept the offer. Gibson was insisting on $10M per year but the Bulls stood firm at $8M per year. They wound up settling at $9.5M and the deal was accepted.

 Taj Gibson changed his mind and agreed to a contract extension with the Bulls. The extension for the forward is for four years and is worth $38 million.
“I looked at the numbers and that’s a lot of money, especially the security,” Gibson said.

Earlier in the night, Gibson all but confirmed he wouldn’t accept the Bulls’ four-year extension offer before the 10:59 p.m. Wednesday deadline, saying, “I just have to put it behind me and move forward and try to win games.”

Asked if that meant he officially would decline, the fourth-year forward said, “That’s the way I see it” and added he “highly doubted” he would change his mind postgame.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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