The Bears continue to shuffle the roster heading into Sunday’s opener.


LAKE FOREST- The madness continues in the Bears front office this week as the Bears continue to move pieces with the roster. Whether or not there is a method to that madness remains to be seen.  But what we do know is that general manager Phil Emery apparently is still not satisfied with what he sees on paper.

The Bears released quarterback Jerrod Johnson from the practice squad today. He was only signed to the team on Sunday after being released by the Seattle Seahawks on cut down day. Johnson has made his NFL career as a practice squad player.

Aside from spending time with the Eagles and Steelers, he’s also played in the Arena Football League and the UFL. He was replaced on the practice squad with offensive guard Derrick Dennis. The 315-pound lineman spent five weeks on the Bears practice squad in 2012. He’s also played for Miami and New England.

The Bears now have two offensive lineman on the practice squad as Dennis joins tackle Jamaal Johnson-Webb. Even though all eight spots on the practice squad are filled, there are rumors going around Halas Hall that the Bears made this move in order to bring back Matt Blanchard when his injury settlement expires.

We’ll have to stay tuned for that one. Until then, the Bears only have two quarterbacks on the active roster with Jay Cutler and Josh McCown. If there were to be an injury to either one of them, the Bears will have to reach into the free agent market for a replacement. Trent Edwards and Jordan Palmer will have their cell phones glued to their hands.

Phil Emery also made an adjustment with one of the Bears veteran players. Defensive End Julius Peppers has agreed to restructure his contract. Peppers was one of the highest paid players on the team so this move will save the Bears some money.

The Bears have been trying to save some cash wherever they can over the last few weeks. With numerous players becoming free agents at the end of the year, the Bears have been trying to stock up on cap space. Even though Phil Emery has stated that he will not negotiate new contracts during the season, it’s obvious that he is planning ahead for when that time does come.

This is evident by former offensive tackle J’Marcus Webb taking a pay cut before his release last week. The Bears also got some money back after releasing Jonathan Scott yesterday. With the Bears in the heart of game planning for Sunday’s opener against the Bengals, could we see more changes?

Phil Emery has shown throughout the calendar year that he is not afraid to take the necessary steps if he thinks it’s for the better of the team. At this point, it would not be a surprise if the Bears continue to shuffle the deck as the season moves forward.

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