The Bears Will Try to Get into the Fight in the NFC North

The start of the 2010 NFL season is getting closer, and that is why I want to highlight some of the most important aspects of the Chicago Bears for this upcoming season.

After reaching the Super Bowl in 2006, the Chicago Bears haven’t achieved a playoff spot in the last three seasons, and this is why it’s hard to believe that the Bears will win the title of the NFC North over the favorites in the online sportsbook, the Minnesota Vikings.

If the Bears want to be a strong team this upcoming season, they will have to improve their defensive problems. And that’s why Lovie Smith will be in charge of the Bears defense this season. It seems to be a good plan for the team so far.

We can expect that with Mike Martz as new offensive coordinator, the Bears can achieve some positive results and will be able to form a more aggressive offensive.

As for the reinforcements, the Bears got the most of them through free agency and trades during the offseason. However, Dan LeFevour was one of the players selected in the draft and could make important changes for the team in the future.

With the return of Chester Taylor, we would expect him to become a great teammate for Matt Forte, though many believe that these players will fight for the starting position.

On the other hand, with the return of Brian Urlacher, it is expected that the Bears will have the best defense this season, taking into account that Urlacher is considered as one of the best linebackers in the league and is also a key player on the team.

Undoubtedly, I believe that the Chicago Bears have the chance to perform a better campaign than in 2009. However, it is hard to believe that they will have the best record of their division.

Currently, the two biggest contenders in the NFC North are the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers, but I think that it is also time for the Bears to get into the fight.

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