The Phil Emery Draft Checklist

Phil Emery Draft Checklist
1. Athletic
He has shown that he values athletic ability more than anything and with the amount that he talks about his athletic index it gives credence to its importance in his evaluation process. His draft picks have been mostly guys who have shown athletic ability on the field and in the offseason testing process.
 Emery’s histroy as a strength and conditioning coach seems to have a strong impact on his talent evaluation.
  • Shea McCellin [4.63 40, 9’10” Broad, 7.07 3 Cone, 4.33 Shuttle]
 McClellin really did well in the running and movement portion of the testing and showed a lot of speed.
  • Kyle Long [4.94 40, 28″ Vertical, 8’11” Broad, 7.83 3 Cone, 4.63 Shuttle]
 These numbers are crazy for a 6’6″ 315lbs. man and he showed on the field that rare athletic ability can compensate for a lack of experience and technique.
  • Alshon Jeffery [4.48 40, 36.5 Vertical, 10’2″ Broad, 6.71 3 Cone, 4.17 Shuttle]
At 6’3″ 217lbs. these numbers are exceptional especially the explosive jumps and cone times. This athletic ability caused Emery to have Jeffery very high on his board; he said he was his #1 WR, despite some concerns in league circles.
  • Brandon Hardin [4.43 40, 35.5″ Vertical, 10’4″ Broad, 6.88 Cone, 4.17 Shuttle]
 He was a bad pick, but at 6’3″ 217lbs. with this athletic ability he was at the top of the position group and you could see that he had the physical package to play at the NFL level.
  • Jon Bostic [4.61 40, 9’10” Broad, 6.99 3 Cone, 4.24 Shuttle]
 There were arguably more accomplished LBs available when the Bears picked Bostic, but none had his combination of speed and size.
2. Projectable
Many of Emery’s picks have been projectable as NFL players whether because of size, athletic ability, or production he does not take players that have a ceiling of being average starter. He will sacrifice production if he can see them as something more than what they were in college.
Phil Emery is a high ceiling drafter, not a high floor drafter.
Many of his picks were considered reaches because they did not have the college resume that others had at the position.
Kyle Long [5 Starts]
Alshon Jeffery [Off Field/Weight Concerns]
Shea McClellin [30 Tackles, 7 sacks]
Brandon Hardin [Missed Draft Season]
Cornelius Washington [Never did a lot at Georgia]
Marquess Wilson [Quit college team]
3. Big

Phil Emery talks a lot about it being a big man’s game and he continually proves it.
He brought in 5 OLmen last season and the smallest one was Jermon Bushrod 6’5″ 315lbs.
He brought in 6 DLmen this season and they are 6’6″ [Allen], 6’6″ [Idonije], 6’6″ [Lane], 6’5″ [Young], 6’5″ [Scott], 6’3″ [Houston].
Phil Emery knows that when you have 2 equal players in terms of talent and technique, more often than not the bigger player will win the battle. He has shown that in his drafting. Kyle Long, Jordan Mills, Cornelius Washington, Marquess Wilson, Alshon Jeffery, Brandon Hardin are all players at the top end of size for their positions.
4. Productive
I think with Emery your college production plays a part, but I do not think it over rides whether he thinks you can run and hit with the big boys. Kyle Long, 5 starts, Brandon Hardin, missed the entire season his draft year, Alshon Jeffery, had a down junior year. Emery will not take someone who was productive if he does not see the NFL ceiling.
In fact the only players that really impressed with their college production were Khaseem Greene and Alshon Jeffery.
If you need more evidence look no further than Kyle Long. Phil Emery took a 1st round pick that had 5 career Division 1 starts. He started less than half a season in his college career.
5. Off Field Concerns, Who Cares
Phil Emery has shown that talent and athletic ability will trump off field concerns. He is far more willing to take character risks than Jerry Angelo was. Sometimes it works out well [Long] other times it does not work [Rodriguez]. Whether the concerns were justified or not he has taken a number of players with off field blemishes.
Kyle Long [Drugs/Arrests]
Cornelius Washington [Arrests]
Marquess Wilson [Quit Team]
Alshon Jeffery [Weight/Attitude] thank god for these false concerns
Evan Rodriguez [Arrests]
Emery traded for Brandon Marshall the day after he was arrested for a bar fight in New York. The ink was not dry on his arrest paperwork and he was a member of the Chicago Bears.
1. Phil Emery has a method and he stays true to it. He is going to draft big, athletic players.
2. Phil Emery is a gambler. He will overlook lack of production and off field concerns to get players he thing project well to the NFL.
3. Emery is going to focus on Ceiling and not the Floor.

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