The Season Starts Now.

There’s going to be a test for this team one day.  Sure, the Bears are 5-3 and have had exactly 8 such tests already.  But the identity of this team has yet to be defined.  The wins over the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers  were solid indeed.  It’s still very hard to gauge just how good this team is however with losses to the Packers, Lions and Saints.  All three of those teams are in the NFC with the Lions and Packers in the Bears division.  The Bears can answer a few more questions this weekend when they host Detroit at Soldier Field.  A win over the Lions evens the score and shows that we can contend at least in our own division.   We also get to see the undefeated Packers once more this year.  Those two wins would solidify this teams strength and give fans hope for a championship.

A Superbowl win is the goal here.  This isn’t another season where fans would just be happy to be in the playoffs.  This team is old.  And while the offense is a bit younger and can seemingly build around Jay Cutler with a few key additions, the defense isn’t in the same position to do that.  The bottom line is the defense is just doing it’s job and nothing more.  They aren’t dominating teams as they did in years past.  This team is capable of a championship now.  The dream would be more far fetched if the Bears didn’t make it to the NFC championship game last season.   The road to the playoffs, championship aside looks tough.  But it is a goal that the Chicago Bears are fully capable of attaining.  It would take a miracle on draft day to keep this defense running smooth.  The last time I checked though, Jerry Angelo is the GM and he misses the target far more times than he strikes it when drafting.  So this year is it.  The time is now.

This weekend marks the start to the Bears season.  A win over the Lions is a must.  If that doesn’t happen, the Bears and their fans begin a journey of watching every other team once a week hoping and praying they lose.  A win Sunday puts the Bears in charge of their destiny and not in the hands of the rest of the NFC Wildcard hopefuls.   So who are the Chicago Bears?  We will find out soon.  Again, the wins over mediocre teams are nice.  Each win brings the team closer.  But it’s time for the Bears to win the games against tougher competition.  Bear Down.


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