Toews and his 5 Points lead Hawks to Victory

What more can you say other then amazing.  After being down 1-0 in the series the Hawks hace won 3 straight games against the 3rd seeded Canucks and are only one game away from the Western Conference Finals.  The Hawks have won 2 straights games in Vancouver and you can tell that makes the Canucks fans and players mad.  Chants around the stadium about how much the Hawks suck(Ironic huh?) and the Canucks players are losing theie compsure.  Many cross checking penalties and hits after the whistle have doomed the Canucks as they allowed 4 power play goals tonight.

It was a great all around team effort but no one played better then Captain.  Toews totaled 5 points as he scored 3 goals and assisted 2.  This marks the 2nd straight time the Hawks have a had a hatrick in as many days, first time since 1994.

The first goal was scored by Brent Seabrook just 18 seconds into the game but the Canucks countered with a goal of there own 1:34 in.  Toews then made it a 2-1 game on a power play goal but the Canucks tied in up 5 minutes later with the goal by Daniel Sedin.

It was close after one but in the 2nd the Hawks broke away.  Goals by Toews, Sharp and Toews again would bust the game wide open (all on the power play).  Edler tried to give the Canucks some momentum going into the intermission when he scored a goal with about a minute.

The Canucks could not make a comeback as Kopecky and Sedin swapped goal keeping it at a 3 goal advantage for the Hawks.  Dave Bolland scored his second goal of the playoffs with an empty net with just over 30 seconds left.

The Hawks now have a 3-1 series lead and will look to advance to the Western Conference Finals with a win over the Canucks Sunday.

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