Top 10 Fantasy Football 2010 Rookie Rankings

Recently we’ve given out our position rankings cheat sheet for 2010 but some people want to know, where do we specifically rate the rookies for fantasy football? Usually rookies don’t have a huge impact on fantasy football because teams try to ease them into playing on the professional level. However this season, there are several rookies slated to make impacts on their teams. Check out our list…

10.) RB Toby Gerhart, Minnesota Vikings

With Chester Taylor’s departure, the Vikings needed somebody to spell Adrian Peterson. Gerhart has potential to pick up a nice amount of touches. Taylor had near 150+ touches last season in Minnesota as the back-up, Gerhart could see the around the same amount. Even more, depending on Peterson’s health throughout the season.

9.) WR Mike Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Even though the Bucs took Arrelious Benn before Williams, Williams is the more talented of the two. He dropped off many teams’ radars due to some off the field issues, but expect his name to show up in box scores many times this season. Depending on the play of QB Josh Freeman (and others), Williams could be a solid pick-up.

8.) WR Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos

With Brandon Marshall chillin’ in Miami this season, the Broncos expect Thomas to fill the void left by him. Despite coming from the option offense at Georgia Tech, Thomas has playmaking capability. Pay attention to his health as he is currently nursing an injury. When healthy, Thomas could be a solid pick-up.

7.) RB Montario Hardesty, Cleveland Browns

I would imagine Cleveland is going to do everything in their power to avoid throwing the ball often. The late season emergence of Jerome Harrison was promising to Browns fans but, if that was the case why would they draft Montario Hardesty so high in the 2nd round? It’s starting to look like Hardesty will be getting a solid amount of carries on a team that should run the ball a lot. If healthy, Hardesty could snag the starting role.

6.) WR Golden Tate, Seattle Seahawks

Despite not getting a bulk amount of playing time so far in the preseason, Tate can turn some heads. Seattle has been a team plagued by injuries, and if Tate can stay healthy he’ll be thrown into the mix sooner or later. Hassellbeck can throw it around the field and spread it out to many different WR’s so be sure to keep a tab on Golden Tate. He has the ability to emerge as a solid option.

5.) RB Jahvid Best, Detroit Lions

Best has had a great pre-season so far and it’s looking like he’ll be a solid contributor for the Lions this season as they wished. Many are comparing Best to 2010’s version of Ray Rice. That comparison could be great for fantasy owners, make sure to snatch him up while you can. The starting role of Kevin Smiths’, some have already given to Best.

4.) RB C.J. Spiller, Buffalo Bills

CJ Spiller already has plenty of Bills fans excited…and fantasy owners…over his ability to score anytime he touches the ball. His 31 yard touchdown vs the Colts in the 1st 5 minutes of the game was very impressive. See for yourself.

3.) WR Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys

Once Dez Bryant is healthy, he WILL be a contributor to the Cowboys passing game. Despite missing the pre-season Bryant says that he is ready for the opening game for the Cowboys. He could become a great red zone target for Romo, and many are looking to see him replace Roy Williams in the offense. We advise you to wait and see how he feels, health-wise, come week the first game of the season.

2.) QB Sam Bradford, St.Louis Rams

Consider this our stretch of the article….well….HUGE stretch that is. It’s always hard to place a QB on a list of top rookies in fantasy football but I think Bradford may prove that notion wrong this season. Bradford performed very well against the New England Patriots in the Rams’ 3rd preseason game turning many peoples’ heads. He went 15 for 22 and 189 yards against the Patriots. We know it’s pre-season but I believe Bradford “could” have a Matt Ryan-esque rookie year. It all depends on how his offensive line holds up. The significance was that his first two outings weren’t so stellar, yet he faced the Patriots and put on a showing for the fans……remember….this is our giant leap of the article.

1.) RB Ryan Mathews, San Diego Chargers

There shouldn’t be any surprise here that Ryan Mathews takes the #1 spot. Replacing LaDanian Tomlinson in San Diego is a pretty big role to fill…I don’t think he’ll have one problem doing so. The rookie from Fresno State is the player many fantasy owners are gunning for. Personally, I missed out on him in my fantasy draft which had me pretty disappointed. He’ll receive the bulk amount of the carries in San Diego, which has a pretty high-powered offense. He’s looked stellar so far in pre-season, we expect to see that continue on to the regular season.

Are we telling you to go out there and pick up all of these rookies on your fantasy football team? No. We’re just ranking the batch of rookies IF you were to go about doing so. If it isn’t Ryan Mathews….take caution in proceeding.

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