Video Game Roundup Vol. 1

Welcome readers to a new addition here at CCS, the Video Game Roundup.

Video games are extremely popular across the world, not quite as popular as sports of course, but people keep tabs on them much like they would with sports. Gamers, like sports fans, have their favorite genre (favorite sport), a favorite franchise (favorite sports team), and favorite characters (favorite athletes). So with this new monthly series, I’ll be talking about new games, rumors, upcoming titles and just about anything about the gaming industry.

New Games

-As any sports fan/gamer would know, NCAA Football 13 releases tonight at midnight. While it’s getting good reviews, such as 8/10 from IGN, some still find it lacking. New gameplay additions take away absurd stuff you did in the game, like taking 20 step drops and throwing it to a random button, but adds even more to the realism. Road to Glory is exactly the same as it has been, with the addition of the new gameplay features. The new mode “Heisman Mode” is looking like a fresh addition to the game though. Being able to pick from a stable of Heisman legends and putting them on your favorite team appeals to every NCAA Football gamer. Who wouldn’t want to stick Barry Sanders on their favorite team?

-Super-hero movies often generate games based on the movie, and more often than not those games suck. The Amazing Spider-Man might be an exception though. Not being hailed as a great game in itself, its getting more praise for being fun. Much like the past Spider-Man movie titles, it’s an open world game where you can web sling across the city for hours if you want. The combat resembles the Batman games, but lacks the fluidity in that series. Spoilers will be had if you haven’t watched the movie, so buy/rent at your own risk.

News & Rumors

  • Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class, Inglourious Basterds) will co-produce and star in the Assassins Creed film.
  • A Left 4 Dead prequel is in development by Overkill Entertainment, the developers of Payday: The Heist
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 is currently in development on Hideo Kojima’s new Fox Engine
  • Far Cry 3 has been delayed and will be released December 4
  • There’s a brand new console named the Ouya. It’s Android based and will have a $99 price tag.
  • Halo 2 will get an anniversary edition, like Halo: Combat Evolved did
  • Activision is making a Walking Dead FPS
  • Paul McCartney is composing the music for Bungie’s new sci-fi FPS


Upcoming Games for July

  • NCAA Football 13- July 10 – Xbox 360, PS3
  • Tiny Wings 2- July 12- iPhone
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD- July 18- XBLA, PSN
  • Wreckateer- July 25- XBLA Kinect



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