What should the Bears do with Brian Urlacher?

Brian Urlacher’s situation with the Chicago Bears has been one of the more interesting story lines this off-season. And  it’s not finished just yet.

With newly hired Marc Trestman taking over the head coaching job for the Bears, many are wondering what is going to happen to fan favorite Urlacher. Will he stay with the Bears for at least another year, or will Urlacher be playing for a different city come September?

Urlacher is an unrestricted free agent this off-season and could find himself looking for a new job. The 34 year old linebacker is coming off of a hamstring injury that costed him the final four games of the 2012 season.

Throughout the season Urlacher wasn’t his normal self. He was still battling the effects of a knee injury he suffered in Minnesota two seasons ago. The aging Urlcaher at times looked slow last season and the Bears have to wonder if he will ever be the same.

As free agency begins March 12th, the Bears will have a big decision to make. It’s obvious Urlacher isn’t part of the Bears long term plans, but is he serviceable enough to help this team win a Super Bowl within the next two years?

The Bears defense is aging and with a new coaching staff in place, the time to rebuild the defense is now.

Building through the draft and free agency will be a key for the Bears if they want to be successful in the future. But bringing in a younger player right away and expecting him to fill the shoes of Urlacher isn’t going to happen.

Plus, will the Bears even look at linebackers early in the draft? There is an immediate need for offensive line help.

There is however a chance the Bears could snag a linebacker in the first few rounds. Then would it hurt to keep Urlacher and let a younger linebacker learn from one of the best? Sounds like it could work out well for the Bears if that happens.

So is it smart to keep Urlacher around and maybe use whatever is left in his tank for one final run? I wouldn’t be totally opposed to that. Especially if Urlacher can some how pull off a nice productive year.

No matter what the Bears decide to do with Urlacher, it will come quickly as free agency approaches us. One thing we do know is that it will be a decision that will have many voices factored in.

One of those voices is new head coach Marc Trestman, who should play a big role in what direction the team will go towards.

Trestman told the Chicago Sun Times:  “I don’t think there was any question that he loves Chicago and this is a place he’d like to be,” Trestman said. “There was no question there, and I’ll leave it at that. I don’t think it’s anymore than that.

This off-season it’s sounded like Trestman wouldn’t be opposed to having Urlacher back.

Is Urlachers value worth it for this team? It’s possible it is, but the Bears may be looking to go in a new direction.

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